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  • Mount Prau

    Mount Prau0

    The Dieng Pleteau in the moutain region of Central Java is located above the clouds. This is another exotic view to catch the sun rise on 2017. Here Mt. Prau (meaning boat-shaped mountain) stands proud at 2,500 meters above sea level. 

  • “Mount Agung” (Bali)

    “Mount Agung” (Bali)1

    When in Bali, try to catch the sight of a dramatic sunrise at Mount Agung. Although climbing to the top requires some stamina and a fit physique, the trek will be totally worth it.

  • Tirtagangga Park, Holy water of Abadi Village

    Tirtagangga Park, Holy water of Abadi Village0

    The kingdom of Karangasem left a wonderful heritage site that has become a popular tourist attraction; Soekasada Water Palace and the Tirtagangga Water Park where there are a number of beautiful ponds that have been enjoyed by many people ever since they were first created.

  • Pasar Agung Temple

    Pasar Agung Temple0

    There is so much beauty and unique aspects at the top of Mount Agung. Other than the beauty of nature, there are also sacred buildings standing in the middle of the road to the summit of the highest mountain in Bali.

  • Batukaru Temple

    Batukaru Temple0

    Batukaru Temple is one of the biggest Hindu Temples in Bali (Sad Kahyangan) with Catur Lokapala Temple and Padmabhuwana Temple status. It is set in the plateau area with lush tropical rain forest surround it. It is situated in the peaceful area which is far from the local resident that is ideally for worship.

  • The 4th Goat Run Trail Running 2016

    The 4th Goat Run Trail Running 20160

    Emulating the relentless spirit and amazing physical endurance of the mountain goat, the Goat Run Trail Running series 2016 will reach its pinnacle in its 4th series on 27th November 2016 at Mount Agung on the enchanting Island of Bali.

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