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  • Balinese People in Diaspora

    Balinese People in Diaspora0

    Today, a resident of Bali in diaspora no longer feels upset, sad or homesick, especially during religious holidays. One of the Balinese residents who have been living in Europe, for instance, said that in the past he longed for going home during holidays. Right now, although the feeling remains to exist it is not like

  • Mr. Trash

    Mr. Trash0

    Formerly in the area of Gianyar Market there was a man nicknamed Mr. Trash. I wonder who actually his real name is. His work is picking up trash around the market. He gathered it in one place in accordance with his capacity but remained in ​​the market area, too. Some was burned, but often abandoned

  • Have a Nice Holiday in Bali, His Majesty King Salman

    Have a Nice Holiday in Bali, His Majesty King Salman2

    Indeed, many foreign figures that have come to Bali and spent holidays. They are ranging from world-class artists, actors and movie actresses, sportsmen, politicians, presidents and so forth. They come, spend holidays and return to their respective countries. Probably there is a few ‘frenzies’ when they will come and have been in Bali.

  • Disasters


    Fortune is unattainable and bad luck is undeniable. Thus an old adage says. It means that we cannot ascertain what we will be acquired. It has something to do with the circle of fate, so just live the life properly. Every deed has its own track record and their records may not be removed. Approximately

  • Homestay


    Related to the passage of Bali tourism started around the 1920s, it is undeniable that many foreign travelers already played an important role in promoting the tourist attractions in Bali they have visited. The travelers stayed at people’s simple homes (later on better known as homestay). At the same time, they also interacted with the

  • Nusa Penida

    Nusa Penida0

    After getting recovered from being ‘isolated’ from Bali mainland and even the outside world, the exotic island that is inseparable from Bali Province begins to develop by degrees. It wakes up from a long sleep and shows off the potential to the outside world. Either culture, tourism, social, economy, spiritual or many other advantages are

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