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  • What Do We Actually Want?

    What Do We Actually Want?0

    Actually, what do you want? When traffic jam occurs everywhere, you complain and even emulate through social media. Blame on this party, that party and others. You’re accusing of this agency that does not work, the other agency does not respond to public complaints and so forth. Well, when the streets are empty and you

  • Coffee Milk

    Coffee Milk0

    Jokingly, people may analogize the intermarriages between nations, races or whatever the term to ‘milk coffee’ marriage. It is simply the matter of, sorry, skin color or race. We do not have intention to be racialist. Indeed, this is the reality. As the name implies, it is only joke that often makes our hearts intrigued.

  • Time


    Outside there, some volcanic activities such as eruptions are conjured up into a tourist attraction. For example, visitors can see the incandescent lava of Mount Etna in Sicilia, Italy. This is the most active volcano in Europe and has frequently erupted. Its activities offer spectacular volcano tourism around the world where visitors are deliberately come

  • Penjor


    Every Galungan and Kuningan feast, the Hindus in Bali install a penjor in front of their house compound. It is made of whole bamboo trunk. The bamboo pole is equipped with ritual paraphernalia in such a way with young coconut leaf ornaments. In addition, it is also added with assorted crops including tubers and fruits

  • Mutual Assistance

    Mutual Assistance0

    No one wants to be a refugee either due to natural disasters, war, economic difficulties or whatever the reason is. The most comfortable and safe place is certainly at one’s own home, home sweet home. However, the facts frequently give the opposite reality. They must evacuate and leave their homes, paddy fields, moors as well

  • Holy Mountain

    Holy Mountain0

    To Balinese community with the majority of Hindu, the existence of a mountain is very important. It symbolizes prosperity and a sanctified place. As one of the high-rise landscape of the earth, mountain is believed to be the abode of the gods. There are several mountains in Bali, where in the vicinity there are also

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