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  • BAF May Not Just Become Peak of Art Creativity

    BAF May Not Just Become Peak of Art Creativity0

    The Bali Arts Festival (BAF) held every year is proved to have been a powerful medium to explore, preserve and develop the arts. This year’s art extravaganza does not only have a positive impact on the artists, but also on creative industry. Moreover, the discovery and preservation are not only limited to its form, but

  • Bali in Their Eyes

    Bali in Their Eyes0

    Seeing Bali more objectively and clearly should often borrow the ‘eyes’ of others. At least, the overall perspective on Bali will be obtained as desired. Others mentioned above include foreigners and Balinese people living in diaspora. They are considered ‘more objective’ in seeing Bali with the entire today’s phenomenon.

  • Tottori University Interested in Collaborating with Udayana University

    Tottori University Interested in Collaborating with Udayana University0

    Vice Director of the International Affairs of Tottori University, Japan, Prof. Reiko Ikeda, Ph.D. accompanied by Associate Professor Ph.D. in Humanities, Natsuho Iwata made a visit to Mataken Gakko on Jalan Soka, Denpasar, Saturday (Sep. 10). In his visit, he would like to make cooperation in the field of education through an exchange of student

  • ”Branding” Pariwisata Bali mesti Kedepankan ”Local Genius”0

    Pembangunan pariwisata tidak terlepas dengan kegiatan promosi. Terkait dengan ini, branding pariwisata Bali saat ini masih dalam tahap pembahasan. Dinas Pariwisata Bali masih terus mencari masukan dari stakeholder pariwisata, budayawan, akademisi, serta masyarakat. Kendati sebenarnya , Dinas Pariwisata menginginkan agar cukup nama “Bali” saja yang menjadi branding pariwisata di pulau dewata. Sebab, “Bali” sudah sangat

  • INNA Grand Bali Beach Share’s

    INNA Grand Bali Beach Share’s0

    INNA Grand Bali Beach, Sanur – Bali organized a blood donation in order to celebrate 50th Anniversary on 1st November 2016, upcoming. This event has been held successfully in the hotel itself, recently. “We held this event routinely and involving the employees as well as invited local comunity & society to participate and we held

  • Foreigners Sharecrop Farmland in Bali

    Foreigners Sharecrop Farmland in Bali1

    When the profession as a farmer starts to get marginalized, the sharecropping of paddy field in Bali is even worked on by foreign travelers. The sharecroppers even cultivate the farmland with Balinese agricultural system so that the soil becomes loose and fertile. “The foreigners develop an organic garden as done by our ancestors,” said I

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