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  • Warren and Leona Come to Bali Due to Yoga

    Warren and Leona Come to Bali Due to Yoga0

    Because of wishing to get the benefits of yoga, Warren and Leona from Fit Your Dreams finally had time to stay for a few days on the Island of the Gods. Previously, this couple was quite curious about yoga activities, so they decided to study this spiritual activity to a yoga expert. “We feel there

  • The CME & Cultural Immersion, Repeated Stay at Furama Villas & Spa Ubud

    The CME & Cultural Immersion, Repeated Stay at Furama Villas & Spa Ubud0

    The CME & Cultural Immersion of Bali or the Doctors on Tours group was once again chose Furama Villas & Spa Ubud, Bali to be one of their accommodations during their Bali long stay in Bali. The eight doctors who mostly are Canadians and Americans were stayed for five nights, last week.

  • Kuta Beach Club Hotel

    Kuta Beach Club Hotel0

    Comfortable and Homey Atmosphere in Kuta Peter Korbel became one of repeater guest who feel impressed have chosen Kuta Beach Club Hotel during his holiday in Bali. The tourists from the Gold Coast, Australia said that since the first coming to this hotel, he felt like staying at home. Therefore, he was quickly familiar with

  • Grand Inna Kuta Beach Hotel

    Grand Inna Kuta Beach Hotel0

    The Best and Lovely Location to Stay Sally Prise , the tourist from Western Australia has come to Bali for many times . When coming to this island, she chooses Grand Inna Kuta Hotels (GIKH) to stay. “I came here 17 years ago, now I often stay here and spend the holiday with family. I

  • Puri Sading Hotel Sanur, Convenient and Satisfying

    Puri Sading Hotel Sanur, Convenient and Satisfying0

    Anyone who becomes traveler or guest will be happy when treated with friendly, polite manner and full service. It is the impression that Sue Ford has felt since the first time staying at Puri Sading Hotel Sanur. “Staying at Puri Sading Hotel is enjoyable because the hotel offers comfortable atmosphere, affordable price and the staff

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