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  • Pacto Gelar ‘’Family Gathering 2016’’

    Pacto Gelar ‘’Family Gathering 2016’’0

    Suasana penuh kegembiraan terpancar dari raut ratusan peserta Pacto Family Gathering 2016 yang diselenggarakan di Bali Safari Marine Park, Minggu (18/12) kemarin. Kegiatan rutin yang bertabur doorprize ini diselenggarakan sebagai bentuk terima kasih kepada seluruh keluarga dan karyawan PT Pacto Ltd. dan PT Bali Prima Holidays.

  • Gianyar Rewards Best Taxpayers

    Gianyar Rewards Best Taxpayers0

    The government of Gianyar rewarded taxpayers and the officers collecting hotel tax, restaurant tax, amusement tax and groundwater tax in 2016. It took place at the Gianyar Cultural Hall, Tuesday (Dec.13) and was attended by the Head of the Gianyar Revenue Service, I Wayan Arthana, Chairman of the Gianyar House of Representatives, district leadership forum

  • Secret Bay

    Secret Bay0

    Secret Bay is the more poetic name given by Bali’s diving community to Gilimanuk Bay, adjacent to where the ferries to and from Java dock. It is about 20mins by road from Labuan Lalang/ Menjangan and located in West Bali National Park. The bay is about 2km wide, very shallow (3-12M), contains two small islands,

  • Jukut / Jeruk Manis (Sweet Orange) Waterfall

    Jukut / Jeruk Manis (Sweet Orange) Waterfall0

    Here is another one of Lombok’s waterfalls believed to have special magical properties. Locals believe the cascade located on the foot of Mount Rinjani to the south of the Mount Rinjani National Park can heal various types of diseases and nourish the hair.

  • Tirtagangga Park, Holy water of Abadi Village

    Tirtagangga Park, Holy water of Abadi Village0

    The kingdom of Karangasem left a wonderful heritage site that has become a popular tourist attraction; Soekasada Water Palace and the Tirtagangga Water Park where there are a number of beautiful ponds that have been enjoyed by many people ever since they were first created.

  • Margarana Memorial Park

    Margarana Memorial Park0

    On November 20, 1946, there was an all-out battle of the armed forces of the Republic of Indonesia against the Dutch colonialist at Kelaci Hamlet, Marga Village, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai. The battle is better known as the war of Puputan Margarana.

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