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  • Power Playing: Photography as an Intervention Into Reality

    Power Playing: Photography as an Intervention Into Reality0

    Lingkara Photo Community is a loosely associated group of photography lovers who are dedicated to expanding the boundaries of photography through experimentation with various media (wood, glass etc) and with various concepts. Recently they have has been exploring ideas about the power of photography and are currently displaying  the results of their preliminary studies in an

  • Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar Wanita

    Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar Wanita0

    The dancers willing to perform Palawakya dance in Buleleng are increasingly scarcer. Undeniably, in the long run this dance is threatened to go extinct whereas it was born and composed in Buleleng. Driven to look for new preservers of the dance, the Buleleng Culture and Tourism Office required the women’s gamelan troupes in the Utsawa

  • Jegog


    Jegog refers to both a set of bamboo musical instruments as well as style of performance that was created by Kiyang Geliduh, an artist from Sebual sub village, in the sub district of Negara in 1912. Originally Jegog reffered to a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo,

  • Tumpek Krulut, Celebration of Gamelan

    Tumpek Krulut, Celebration of Gamelan0

    Hindu community in Bali has a special way to honor the gamelan musical instrument. It is carried out by holding otonan ceremony on the Tumpek Krulut falling on Saniscara (Saturday) Kliwon Krulut (22/10). It is conducted every six months or 210 days.

  • Monkey Forest Ubud Still Becomes Favorite

    Monkey Forest Ubud Still Becomes Favorite0

    Lately, the Monkey Forest Ubud tourist attraction is increasingly visited by many foreign travelers. When compared to the same period in the previous year, there is an increase in the number of tourist visits of around 18.25 percent.

  • Playing Seawalker with Thousands of Swimming Fish at Sanur

    Playing Seawalker with Thousands of Swimming Fish at Sanur0

    The marine tourism potential of Sanur is very interesting. Various water attractions are able to provide education to visitors. Some of them are the Seawalker, Jet Ski and parasailing. Moreover, the Seawalker is highly demanded by foreign and domestic travelers. As evidence, during the implementation of Sanur Village Festival 2016, this attraction drew abundant enthusiasts.

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