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  • ‘Resolution’ as Expression of 11 Artists at Yearend

    ‘Resolution’ as Expression of 11 Artists at Yearend0

    A total of 11 artists from various characters hold an exhibition featuring the theme ‘Resolution’ at Richstone Gallery, Umalas Kangin, North Kuta, Badung. The exhibition coinciding with the moment of employment of the Balinese art ahead of the yearend 2016 and welcoming the New Year 2017 takes place on December 3, 2016 – January 3,

  • Wonderland of Bali

    Wonderland of Bali0

    Ahead of the New Year 2017, certainly many people, especially those in tourism industry, have been planning everything for the festive event in welcoming the turn of the year. Various events, festivities, tour packages and hotel room package have started to be offered. Of course, there must be something new when welcoming the New Year.

  • Kerta Village as Embryo of Tourism Village in Gianyar

    Kerta Village as Embryo of Tourism Village in Gianyar0

    Kerta village located in Payangan subdistrict, Gianyar, has many potentials as an agro-tourist attraction. On that account, residents of the village are intensively promoting tourism development model integrated with tangerine agriculture (agro-tourism). Direct economic transactions will be created from tourism activities to farmers, as customary village communities.

  • Tumpek Kandang, Fruit Arrangement Parade at Alas Kedaton

    Tumpek Kandang, Fruit Arrangement Parade at Alas Kedaton0

    Something unique occurred at Alas Kedaton tourist attraction, Kukuh customary village, Marga, Tabanan. Community of the village held fruit arrangement (gunungan buah) parade at Dalem Kahyangan Kedaton temple on Tumpek Kandang, Saturday (Nov. 26). It is intended to provide ritual for the occupants of the Alas Kedaton, namely grey monkeys.

  • Power Playing: Photography as an Intervention Into Reality

    Power Playing: Photography as an Intervention Into Reality0

    Lingkara Photo Community is a loosely associated group of photography lovers who are dedicated to expanding the boundaries of photography through experimentation with various media (wood, glass etc) and with various concepts. Recently they have has been exploring ideas about the power of photography and are currently displaying  the results of their preliminary studies in an

  • Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar Wanita

    Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar Wanita0

    The dancers willing to perform Palawakya dance in Buleleng are increasingly scarcer. Undeniably, in the long run this dance is threatened to go extinct whereas it was born and composed in Buleleng. Driven to look for new preservers of the dance, the Buleleng Culture and Tourism Office required the women’s gamelan troupes in the Utsawa

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