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  • Wonderland of Bali

    Wonderland of Bali0

    Ahead of the New Year 2017, certainly many people, especially those in tourism industry, have been planning everything for the festive event in welcoming the turn of the year. Various events, festivities, tour packages and hotel room package have started to be offered. Of course, there must be something new when welcoming the New Year.

  • Gilimanuk


    Gilimanuk as known as a modern harbors which functions as the west gate for the visitor who come to Bali Island from Java Island by ferry. Near by the harbors, there is a beautiful bay called Gilimanuk bay which has become the centre of water tourism in Jembrana.

  • Ngerebeg, a Unique Tradition of Tegallalang

    Ngerebeg, a Unique Tradition of Tegallalang0

    Bali never loses its uniqueness. One of them is the ngerebeg tradition. This event is held in a series of piodalan or temple anniversary of Duur Bingin Temple at Tengah hamlet, Tegallalang, on Wednesday (Oct. 12).

  • Craft Exhibition at Komaneka Fine Arts Gallery

    Craft Exhibition at Komaneka Fine Arts Gallery0

    STORIES and  memories about childhood  period are so wonderful. Innocent childhood along with the passage to his process to become a fine artist also gives a wonderful impression. Such a magnificent period has inspired the creative works of the artist Nyoman Sujana Kenyem. A variety of his works are being exhibited at Komaneka Fine Arts

  • ‘Twilight’ on Bali Island

    ‘Twilight’ on Bali Island0

    Again, the other unscrupulous foreign tourists did crimes. After Amokrane, a French national who murdered police officer some time ago, now there are two other tourists murdering a police officer. Currently, the case is being investigated in depth by police authority regarding the motive and background. Prior to this horrendous incident, many unscrupulous tourists have

  • Dalem Balingkang Temple

    Dalem Balingkang Temple0

    Dalem Balingkang Temple situated in a remote area at the northern side of Lake Batur. It is situated on the eastern part of Penulisan Hill, some 40 kms from Bangli Town, precisely in Pinggan Village, Kinatamani District. The place is easy to reach with vehicles. Reaching the parking area, a guest should go on foot

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