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  • Wonderland of Bali

    Wonderland of Bali0

    Ahead of the New Year 2017, certainly many people, especially those in tourism industry, have been planning everything for the festive event in welcoming the turn of the year. Various events, festivities, tour packages and hotel room package have started to be offered. Of course, there must be something new when welcoming the New Year.

  • ‘Glittering of Glory’, Theme of Seventh Anniversary of Bale Udang Kuta

    ‘Glittering of Glory’, Theme of Seventh Anniversary of Bale Udang Kuta0

    Vivacity and togetherness marked the celebration of the seventh anniversary of Bale Udang Mang Engking Kuta, Thursday (Dec. 8). This event was designed very interestingly because the entire staff and employees worked together design, perform and celebrate. The activities held before the anniversary included the Hindu pilgrimage, prayer with Muslims, staff outing and CSR donation

  • Pos II

    Pos II0

    Located on Menjangan’s most south-easterly point, Pos II can be beach-entry or boat-entry, and is usually drift-diving: whether beach or boat, the dives start at 12M, where the white sand slope meets the top of the wall. If there is a current, it is generally north-easterly. Slowly descending along the wall, drifting with the current,

  • Tolire Lake, the Beautiful Panoramic Lake Surrounded with Legends

    Tolire Lake, the Beautiful Panoramic Lake Surrounded with Legends0

    A brilliantly blue volcanic lake, Tolire lake is set in a crater at the foot of Mt Gamalama, on the island of Ternate, North Maluku Province. The Lake is comprised of two lakes, roughly 200 meters apart: Tolire Lamo, The Greater Tolire Lake, and Tolirelci, the Small Tolire. The Great Lake is almost perfectly round,

  • Polygamy Area, Manifestation of Respect to Women

    Polygamy Area, Manifestation of Respect to Women0

    How unique it is. Penglipuran village in Bangli district can be said as the only anti-polygamy village in Bali. The men at the local village are strictly forbidden from having more than one wife. If they insist on taking polygamy, they must be willing to be ostracized in a vacant land located in the south

  • Unique Tradition of Penglipuran Village

    Unique Tradition of Penglipuran Village0

    Other than being known as the cleanest village in the world, Penglipuran village also has some unique traditions. So far, it remains to absolutely adhere to the tradition handed down by the ancestors. Other than the concept of house architecture still reflecting the nuances of local wisdom, it also has a unique burial tradition. At

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