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  • Bali in Their Eyes

    Bali in Their Eyes0

    Seeing Bali more objectively and clearly should often borrow the ‘eyes’ of others. At least, the overall perspective on Bali will be obtained as desired. Others mentioned above include foreigners and Balinese people living in diaspora. They are considered ‘more objective’ in seeing Bali with the entire today’s phenomenon.

  • Celebrate NYE 2017 In Stunning River Valley at Sthala Ubud

    Celebrate NYE 2017 In Stunning River Valley at Sthala Ubud0

    Most of the hotel in Bali will made special event for welcoming New year 2017, no exception Sthala Ubud, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Bali is located at beautiful Woss River. The hotel rests among the tropical landscape in Lodtunduh, Ubud and is perched on a hilltop, offering stunning ridge-views of the steep river valley and

  • BaReLo™ ,Modern Restaurant dengan Layanan Aplikasi

    BaReLo™ ,Modern Restaurant dengan Layanan Aplikasi0

    BaReLo™ restoran adalah salah satu fasilitas yang dimiliki oleh Swiss-Belinn Legian yang dikenal sebagai hotel modern dengan Rooftop Pool and Bar nya. Terletak di lantai pertama, di jantung Legian,  tepatnya di Jalan Padma Utara, BaReLo™ mudah dijangkau dan merupakan tempat yang tepat dan menyenangkan untuk menikmati makan pagi, siang maupun malam.

  • Batu Bolong Bar & Restaurant, Griska “Come Here to Enjoy”

    Batu Bolong Bar & Restaurant, Griska “Come Here to Enjoy”0

    If you happen to spend holidays in the area of ​​North Kuta, try to stop by at the Batu Bolong Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant located at Tegal Jaya hamlet precisely on Jalan W. Gebyag Dalung offers good food and a variety of fresh juices. Uniquely, these miscellaneous foods and drinks are prepared by the

  • The Sticky and Chewy “Jaja Bantal”

    The Sticky and Chewy “Jaja Bantal”0

    Balinese people have a treasure of traditional cakes with tasty and unique flavor. The aroma always tempts us so as to give it a try. One of them is jaja bantal offering sticky and chewy flavor. Balinese people like best this cake, but should not eat too much because it can result in illness. Understandably,

  • Waterbom Bali an Official Fundraising Partner for BWP Program

    Waterbom Bali an Official Fundraising Partner for BWP Program0

    Water is a serious problem today Bali is in crisis and running out of freshwater as the ecosystem is very close to collapse. If the crisis is not inverted now, there simply will not be enough water for Bali and future generation. It is the basis for Waterbom Bali to participate in fundraising program

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