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  • Zest Hotel

    Zest Hotel0

    Simply the Best Budget Hotel Zest Hotel, Legian is a modern budget hotel with international standards of comfort and up-to-date facilities in the centre of the suburban Legian district.  Zest Hotel Legian offers safe, clean rooms at the best possible price with complete comfort and convenience to all travellers. Zest Hotel Legian provides modern rooms,

  • Pariwisata Banyuwangi Masuk Sepuluh Besar Nasional

    Pariwisata Banyuwangi Masuk Sepuluh Besar Nasional0

    Pesatnya perkembangaan pariwisata Banyuwangi mulai mendapatkan hasil. Dari penilaian Kementerian Pariwisata RI, kabupaten di ujung timur Jawa tersebut menjadi salah satu dari sepuluh kabupaten/kota peraih indek tertinggi pariwisata nasional.

  • Garden Eel Point

    Garden Eel Point0

    Starting this dive from the most north-western tip of Menjangan Island, following the wall southwards towards the Bali/Menjangan channel, you will see some of the most healthy and diverse coral on Menjangan. The cracks and breaks in the wall are filled with a great diversity of reef fish. If conditions dictate that you cannot enter

  • Pos II

    Pos II0

    Located on Menjangan’s most south-easterly point, Pos II can be beach-entry or boat-entry, and is usually drift-diving: whether beach or boat, the dives start at 12M, where the white sand slope meets the top of the wall. If there is a current, it is generally north-easterly. Slowly descending along the wall, drifting with the current,

  • Come Take Photos on Selfie Twin Hills

    Come Take Photos on Selfie Twin Hills0

    Do you like taking selfies? If so, the Selfie Twin Hills are the place for you. Located at Guliang Kawan hamlet, Bunutin village, Bangli, the Selfie Twin Hills provide charming natural scenery that is ideal for taking selfies and is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.

  • China Travel and Leisure awarded Indonesia Famous Next Destination

    China Travel and Leisure awarded Indonesia Famous Next Destination0

    The manifold wonders of the Indonesian Archipelago never cease to amaze tourists and travelers from all across the globe. Recently, the spellbinding beauty of the archipelago received yet another international acknowledgment when China based printed and digital magazine China Travel and Leisure.

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