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  • Warung Rangkung Lebih, Comes with Vegetarian and Fish Menu

    Warung Rangkung Lebih, Comes with Vegetarian and Fish Menu0

    Lebih Beach tourist area in Gianyar is very famous for its culinary tourism. Various menus with fish ingredients become the main serving of every stall on the edge of this exotic beach. Then, is there any food outlet for vegetarians? Well, the atmosphere of togetherness will definitely change because some group members have to eat

  • Let’s Enjoy Warm Water of Geger Beach

    Let’s Enjoy Warm Water of Geger Beach0

    Geger Beach is one of the beaches located in Nusa Dua area. It is slightly hidden and away from the center of crowds so that people choose other beaches as their tourist destination. However, for those wishing to find a beach with quiet atmosphere, this beach is the most appropriate destination in Southern Badung.

  • Jambangan Waterfall Awaits Your Coming

    Jambangan Waterfall Awaits Your Coming0

    Tourist objects relying on natural beauty remaining pristine increasingly emerge in Buleleng. One of them is Jambangan waterfall at Kelampuak, Tamblang village, Kubutambahan. This adds to the number of waterfall attractions in North Bali, other than the existing ones such as the waterfall at Gitgit village, Sukasada, waterfall at Sambangan and Lemukih village, Sawan subdistrict.

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