17th Anniversary of UHA, Various Activities Organized Prove Its Survival during Pandemic

17th Anniversary of UHA, Various Activities Organized Prove Its Survival during Pandemic

The Sweet Seventeen celebration of Ubud Hotels Association (UHA) took place in togetherness, full of enthusiasm and filled with joy. Although almost two years of the Covid-19 pandemic have eroded their fighting spirit in the world of hospitality, all of them do not seem to be an obstacle, so they are determined to returning to awaken tourism. It is the atmosphere of the 17th anniversary of UHA taking place at Tanah Gajah Resort Ubud on December 17.

The activity inspired and strengthened the brotherhood between properties. There is a simple and very meaningful sentence to describe the UHA which is now entering the age of 17 years. Well, December 17, 2021 is the 17th Anniversary of UHA. The age is undergoing a transition for humans from adolescence to self-maturity. “So is the transitional age from normal to new normal for UHA, which until now has not been separated from the pandemic period,” said the Founder of UHA, Pande.

Since 2004, he and four other colleagues have been determined to creating a forum that aims to prepare more professional human resources in the field of tourism, especially in the Ubud area. In addition to preparing professional human resources, it also builds communication, coordination, and collaboration between hoteliers in Ubud. “We are proud of UHA which still exists until today without visible competition from one hotel to another, what is visible is strengthening the brotherhood and tolerance of each member,” he affirmed.

Chairman of UHA, Gede Karilo, hoped that through the 17th anniversary of the UHA, it will become more united and more creative to fight against the current situation and conditions. “We cannot get used to being comfortable with international guests. Now is our opportunity to introduce property in Ubud, that the Ubud Hotels, which has an exclusive and expensive image, is also very accessible to domestic tourists,” he explained enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Anniversary Committee, Putu Surya, admitted that he is very proud because he is trusted to coordinate the UHA anniversary event. He wanted the event makes all the UHA members feel again how warm the kinship is, motivating each other. “Through this event, we are all more enthusiastic and stronger to go through this pandemic storm,” he said enthusiastically.

The 17th anniversary of the UHA this time was attended by representatives from the Gianyar Tourism Office, Ubud Tourism Development, and representatives from UHA members. At the peak of the anniversary event, prizes were given to the winners in the competition. “We invite all the champions to take the challenge cup, permanent trophies, certificates, and cash prizes as well as enlivening the 17th anniversary of the UHA. It is also a form of support and enthusiasm from UHA members so that they never give up under any circumstances,” added this UHA Treasurer for the 2018-2021 period.

As a flashback of the UHA’s journey, various programs have been carried out from year to year which aim to increase the enthusiasm of UHA members. When the pandemic hit the tourism industry, UHA held a Food Bazaar for three times and Gatherings every 2-3 months.

The regular event posing a series of UHA’s 17th Anniversary is the Ubud Chef and Latte Art Competition taking place at Bale Udang Mang Engking Ubud (Dec 16). The Ubud Chef Competition was attended by 16 participants to give birth to new champions. Ni Ketut Kusniyati and I Wayan Erik Hendrawan (Santi Mandala Villa & Spa) won the first place. The Latte Art Competition gave birth to a new champion, namely Atika Nanda from Dwaraka The Royal Villas, the only female participant since the big 6 round finally winning the First Place. (BTN/015)

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