4 Most Exciting Desserts at Ji Restaurant Canggu

4 Most Exciting Desserts at Ji Restaurant Canggu

Wishing a great menu that makes you addicted? Try to taste the menus at Ji Restaurant, a venue to eat in the Canggu area, North Kuta, Badung. Ji Restaurant has long been known as a favorite gathering place with friends, family, or just to enjoy a sweet and delicious dessert. Widely known for its award-winning Japanese cuisine, Ji is also home to a variety of delicious desserts. Spectacular sunset views, attentive service and Ji’s signature cocktails will be guaranteeing all guests to have a sweet afternoon.

When talking about Japanese flavors, there’s no denying that matcha is one of the world’s obsessions. Ji’s Green Tea Cheesecake with Winter Berries is a delicious combination of the distinctive taste of matcha with a strong yet soft cheesecake flavor. Imagine cutting a cold, creamy cheesecake with the tropical air of Bali will make your heart swell to add a second slice.

If you want to try a unique and unexpected combination, then Banana Cake with Miso Ice Cream is the choice. A layer of soft and creamy banana is accompanied by sweet and crunchy pecan crumbs, and caramelized banana slices accompanied by caramel miso ice cream. Well, you read right, it’s the same miso. This traditional Japanese condiment made from fermented soybeans seems to create a unique yet tantalizing salty, sweet sensation that makes it the perfect combination to accompany caramelized bananas.

The Melted Chocolate Ball is certainly one not to be missed. Many people may be wondering what makes these beautiful chocolate balls so special. Pouring hot caramel sauce over it, the balls will melt slowly, and then find matcha ice cream surrounded by cashew nuts, raspberries and amaretto cream like no other. Aside from being delicious it also visually looks stunning and, of course, very instagrammable.

Aside from the three icons, enjoy the fresh taste of Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Cigar which is a special dish made of compacted pastries accompanied with candied oranges and torch ginger flower sorbet or sample the best tropical nuances from Mango Chocolate Mouse, and many other choices.

If you do not just want to enjoy dessert, you can spend lunch or dinner with your loved ones while enjoying fresh sushi made from the catch of the day, and ending it with one of the desserts can also be one of the best options. Ji Restaurant offers delivery and take away services which can be ordered through delivery applications such as Gojek or directly contacting Ji Restaurant. (BTN/015)

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