40 Employees of Sanctoo Suites & Villas Participate in Professional Certification

40 Employees of Sanctoo Suites & Villas Participate in Professional Certification

Sanctoo Suites and Villas is increasingly confident that it can provide the best services for every guest. Understandably, this self-confidence has grown when as many as 40 employees took part in the professional certification activities held by the Pariwisata Bali Professional Certification Institute (LSP) on November 12. “Sanctoo Suites and Villas feels grateful to have been given the opportunity to involve their employees in the professional certification event held by LSP Pariwisata Bali,” said General Manager of Sanctoo Suites & Villas, Subali Adi Putra, on Monday (Nov 21).

The activity was held at Wantilan Hall of Sanctoo Suites & Villas and lasted about 7 hours. The competency certification was attended by 40 participants from four departments at Sanctoo Suites & Villas, namely Food & Beverage (FB) Product, FB Service, Front Office, and Housekeeping. “This competency certification aims to improve the quality of reliable and competent Human Resources (HR) to provide excellent service in their respective fields,” he said seriously.

This time, the activity brought in four assessors from LSP Pariwisata Bali, including Anak Agung Gede Widnyana (Director of LSP Pariwisata Bali) as an assessor in the field of FB Products, I Wayan Artana as an assessor in the field of Housekeeping, I Wayan Sugita as an assessor in the field of Front Office, and I Ketut Suardanaya as an assessor in the field of FB Service. “We are very grateful for this opportunity, especially since the assessors involved, including the Director of LSP Pariwisata Bali, are willing to conduct this assessment directly at the Sanctoo Suites & Villas,” he said gratefully.

According to Subali Adi Putra, the activity has actually took place from November 10, 2022, starting from several staff of the LSP Pariwisata Bali who accompanied the online registration process for Sanctoo Suites & Villas employees for the certification needs. “We are also very grateful to LSP Pariwisata Bali for supporting the holding of this professional certification,” added this man who is always enthusiastic. (BTN/015)

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