7 Miracle Paintings & Sculptures Exhibition at the Seminyak Village Mall

7 Miracle Paintings & Sculptures Exhibition at the Seminyak Village Mall

Watching this art exhibition will never be boring. It showcases diverse themes and features various sizes, straightforward strokes and very attractive colors. Once glanced at it, one will get interested in witnessing to all the sublime arts on display. So it is not surprising when the art event entitled ‘7 Miracle Paintings & Sculptures Exhibition’ was opened by the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Putu Astawa, on Friday (May 7), visitors immediately had a look at every painting. The exhibition taking place at the Seminyak Village Mall, of course, strictly applies the health protocols.

There are seven artists from various regions, such as Bali, Yogyakarta and overseas who have supported the exhibition for the umpteenth time. The artists are Hari Prast, Mahendra Mangku, Nyoman Sani, Satya Cipta, Sugiri Willim, Syahrizal Pahlevi and Wolfgang Widmoser. They present the best works with an unequal number, but not less than five works. The works of art are displayed with unique exhibition designs, and are grouped according to the artist, so that visitors can enjoy them with pleasure and comfort. The exhibition supported by the Zen 1 Kuta Gallery, Heartlab Bali, Titian Art Space and the Bali Tourism Office will last until June 7, 2021.

The fine art exhibition at the Seminyak Village Mall looks more familiar because people who come are not shy even though they are not artists or art activists. Everyone from all walks of life can enjoy the art in the canvas media.

“In the world of art, the presence of the 7 Miracle Paintings & Sculptures Exhibition wants to create miracles. If the pandemic has subsided, then Bali can support early by presenting positive issues,” said the Head of Marketing of Seminyak Village, Danar Reksa, accompanied by the owner of Zen1 Gallery, Nicolaus F Kuswanto who is familiarly addressed as Nico.

This exhibition shows the existence of Seminyak Village in order to support local and national artists in Bali and outside Bali. The art activity is regularly held every month to preserve Bali through the world of art. “This event is meant to stimulate the artists, especially those in Bali, so that they can continuously work in a very difficult time today. The art exhibition at Seminyak Village is expected to be a new space for the artists to exhibit their works,” hoped Danar Reksa and Nico.

Nyoman Sani and Satya Cipta Sani admitted that the artists’ activities in Bali are quite good because there are still exhibitions, both virtual and live. They want such activities to continue and are not afraid to be creative. As an artist, staying at home is quite depressing, too. So it is necessary to increase the art activities to explore the body. Therefore, it will make the body more active. “The exhibition in this mall has a wider reach. General public can also have a look at it. If remaining in doubt and afraid to go to the gallery, here at this public area general public can see the art presentation without any fear,” said Satya Cipta.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Putu Astawa, stated that even though the pandemic has shaken, the enthusiasm and optimism of the artists is still high. It is showed by the very varied works born from their hands. If combined, they will look very good. This fine arts event can elevate Bali, apart from dance and musical arts. Do not forget, when Bali was known to foreign countries started from its paintings. Bali as a tourist attraction is appointed by the artists. Bali indeed retains a lot of inspiration. By further exploring its local culture and wisdom, many people are inspired to missing Bali. “Well, before the travel opens, through this event we can travel earlier,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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