A Awesome Place Named Ex-Buleleng Harbor

A Awesome Place Named Ex-Buleleng Harbor

Although the Bali Provincial Government has provided a trial for the opening of natural, cultural, artificial and spiritual tourist attractions as well as tourism villages with a maximum visitor capacity of 50 percent, the ex-Buleleng Harbor in Singaraja has not been opened to the public. “This is still waiting for the regulations and policies of the district government considering that there are several requirements for the tourist attraction to be opened even though on a trial basis, including strict implementation of the health protocol, limiting the maximum number of visitors to 50 percent, using the PeduliLindungi application and getting a CHSE certificate from an institution appointed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy because this tourist attraction with a sea and historical panorama is temporarily managed by the Buleleng Tourism Office,” said the tourist attraction officer, Gede Yuliana, recently.

Since the enforcement of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM), it has not operated or is temporarily closed. This continues even though the PPKM level for Bali has dropped one level. On that account, for certainty of receiving a visit to the ex-Buleleng Harbor tourist attraction, we are still waiting for district regulations and the fulfillment of such requirements as mentioned above regarding the rules for its opening. “Although it is still not allowed to visit, the implementation of the health protocol facility is complete and running very well. This is to support the prevention of Covid-19 transmission, while the application for PeduliLindungi and the CHSE certificate is currently still in the online registration process,” he explained.

The officers in charge continue to carry out activities to monitor checks and maintain the cleanliness as well as the security of the tourist attraction area. For example, they maintain parks and secure the area to keep it safe and beautiful, so that when it is opened later on, it can be ascertained to be clean, comfortable and worthy of a visit. The ex-Buleleng Harbor area has many parks because of the large area. “Non-civil servant employees who are on duty here continuously working optimally,” he added.

The ex-Buleleng Harbor has been around for a long time because Singaraja was once known to be the capital of Nusa Tenggara. However, in the 1950s, the central government was relocated from North Bali to South Bali. Such relocation surely had a real impact on the situation at Buleleng Harbor. Now, the ex-Buleleng Harbor has become a tourist destination, both for local and foreign visitors. This area has a beautiful view and wooden bridges jutting into the sea. Similarly, the area has now become a culinary center.

The ex-Buleleng Harbor located on Jalan Imam Bonjol, Kampung Tinggi, is visited by many tourists because they can recall the history of the civic center in the past better known as the Lesser Sunda. This area is equipped with museums and recreation areas, as well as it is very good for watching sunset. The facilities include spacious parking lot, gazebo (bale bengong), toilets, meeting halls and wantilan. Currently, the ex-Buleleng Harbor is being developed into a leading destination. (BTN/015)

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