Alas Harum Bali, Top Tourist Attractions amid Rice Fields

Alas Harum Bali, Top Tourist Attractions amid Rice Fields

Tegallalang is famous for its terraced rice fields often used as photo spots by tourists when visiting Gianyar District. However, there is also a tourist spot in the middle of the rice fields offering a variety of interesting activities, namely the Alas Harum Bali. Alas Harum Bali is a popular tourist attraction located on Jalan Lunga Tegallalang, about 20 minutes’ drive from Ubud Center and 30 minutes from Kintamani direction. This tourist location offers many activities such as the process of making civet coffee, swings, zip line and many places to take pictures with perfect and beautiful views such as private terrace view, glass floor, bird nest, dancing bridge, gorilla face carvings and Grandpa Brayut. Not only that, the Alas Harum also has the largest mongoose statue in Indonesia which once received a MURI record. “The tourist spot has six unique photo spots, one of which is the nine angel statues.

Tourists can also play sky bike or giant swing as well as buy civet coffee at the Alas Harum Store,” said Stephanie, Executive Assistant Manager of Alas Harum Bali, on Tuesday (Feb 21). “The photo spots in question are the Dancing Bridge, Bird Nest, Grandpa Brayut, Gorilla Cave, Glass Flooring, and Education Temple. Aside from being a beautiful location for selfies, Alas Harum Bali also offers restaurants to the typical Cretya Ubud day club with its three-layered pool,” explained Stephanie.

What is interesting in this area? There is a temple located in the middle of the water, called the Education Temple. Here, you and your family can take pictures on several steps leading to the temple. If you want to feel a more challenging and fun sensation, maybe you can try this by climbing some of the swings provided.

Each of these swings has several levels such as extreme and super extreme. Then, each of them has a height reaching 15 meters to 25 meters from the ground and visitors can enjoy a couple swing for those who are reluctant to enjoy swinging alone. Alas Harum Bali has been operating since September 4, 2014. Currently, it offers various packages that can be enjoyed by visitors with family and loved ones including night trekking and morning gateway. (BTN/015)

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