Ameno Coffee and Eatery, Coffee Shop Downtown Denpasar

Ameno Coffee and Eatery, Coffee Shop Downtown Denpasar

Denpasar City indeed does not have as many tourist attractions as those in the southern Bali tourism area, but for culinary tourism, Denpasar City is the center. So, if you are traveling to the capital of Bali Province, try to stop by Ameno Coffee and Eatery. Located on Jalan Hassanudin No. 105 Denpasar, it is only a few meters east of the Ida Cokorda Pemecutan IX Statue. Ameno Coffee and Eatery can be your hangout place in the Heritage City Denpasar area.

Atmosphere of this coffee shop is quite nice because it does not only serve unique coffee, but also offers a comfortable place. It comes with old building, but with some modernization touches, so it is very comfortable and suitable for relaxing during the day. “Related to the place, we don’t make many changes, but only provide a few additions, so that our customers can feel comfortable,” explained the owner, Dewa Prana.

This coffee shop has two areas, namely the indoor and outdoor. In the outdoor area, customers can have a coffee while relaxing and enjoying busy highway activities. Meanwhile, the indoor area is comfortable for customers who come to drink coffee while working. “This happens because the indoor area offers facilities for work, such as electric plugs, a cool and comfortable room and a fast internet connection. Incoming customers wishing to work do not have to work in office, or workers who want to enjoy a new atmosphere,” he continued.

The menu provided is very diverse, ranging from coffee and non-coffee menus. Especially for the coffee menu, it provides latte and black coffee and manual brew. This manual brew is quite special because it applies selected coffee beans with unique flavor characteristics. Meanwhile, for the coffee press it applies espresso as the basic coffee, with several types of coffee such as Kintamani, Flores and Aceh Gayo beans. “We use several types of coffee in order to get a balanced coffee taste, so that we can enjoy it comfortably without fear of health problems,” he explained.

For non-coffee drinks, there are macha, Thai tea, red velvet, black charcoal and various types of smoothies. As a friend for drinking coffee and other types of drinks, Ameno has several types of snacks that are a pity to miss, such as savory banana pancakes with sweet banana slices and butter toast that can be served with toppings of choice of customers to resoles, French fries and several other types of snacks.  There are also heavy meals, where one of which is the Ameno Chicken Satay.

Ameno chicken satay is a best seller at this coffee shop because it has a bigger cut of meat compared to chicken satay in general. The peanut sauce in use is also abundant and made in-house according to Ameno’s standards. Other menu is Nasi Pindang (brined fish rice) which is quite simple, but served with the addition of fried shallot condiment, namely a typical Balinese condiment that makes this food taste very special. “For the pindang fish doneness level, customers can request according to taste,” said Dewa. (BTN/015)

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