Anomali Coffee Sanur Offers 20 Coffee Variants

Anomali Coffee Sanur Offers 20 Coffee Variants

Right now, coffee lovers do not have to look far to find a comfortable and fantastic place to drink coffee. In the center of the Sanur destination, Anomali Coffee Sanur has been opened that offers around 20 variants of authentic Indonesian coffee. When drinking coffee here, the atmosphere is definitely pleasant because you can choose a place in an air-conditioned room or in an antique roadside gazebo.

Ordinary people know cappuccino and latte which are most frequently drunk, but Anomali Coffee actually teaches people, especially foreign tourists that there is still original Indonesian coffee, black coffee known as brewed coffee. Of course, the taste is different because it is authentic Indonesian coffee from Sabang to Merauke. Especially for the Balinese coffee variant, there are about three to four kinds brought in from farmers in the Kintamani area, Bangli. “We make the roasting variant different,” said the owner, Ari Sabandar, on the sidelines of the opening of Anomali Coffee Sanur, on Thursday (Dec 22).

Ari further added that for coffee matters he entrusted to the Anomali brand which has played at the level of high quality ‘craftsman’ Arabica and is 100 percent local, so that all original singles are from Indonesia. The coffee offered is very diverse with as many as 20 variants. All of these variants exist in Indonesia, starting from Aceh, Tanah Toraja, Java and Sumatra to other areas in Indonesia. Local Balinese coffee is specially brought in from the Kintamani area. “We do not sell coffee from overseas. Everything comes from Indonesian soil because the Anomali brand is 100 percent local,” he said.

Even though the coffee comes from Kintamani, the roasting is made different. There are those that are semi-washed, fully-washed, honey washed and naturally washed, so they have a different taste, too. Apart from coffee, Anomali Coffee Sanur also offers menus, such as local, Western, but the foremost is coffee.

Ari added that Sanur which personally has a very pleasant and comfortable area makes it perfect for Anomali’s presence. In Bali, Anomali already exists in three locations, namely in Legian, on Jalan Dewi Sri to be precise, in Ubud and Canggu, which only opened at the beginning of the year. “Now, Anomali is present at Sanur, so in terms of business consideration Anomali’s presence must spread. We think that Anomali Sanur will be better in the future,” he added.

Sanur is a world’s tourist destination, so the target market is more foreign tourists. Moreover, its location on Jalan Danau Tamblingan is the center of tourism in Sanur. “Therefore, Anomali also sells food that has been appropriate with foreign tongues. However, in terms of coffee, it is our duty to introduce authentic Indonesian coffee to foreigners,” concluded Ari enthusiastically. (BTN/015)

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