Arjuna Bistro Becomes Guest’s Top Choice at The Cakra Hotel

Arjuna Bistro Becomes Guest’s Top Choice at The Cakra Hotel

Staying overnight at The Cakra Hotel is never boring. Aside from its very strategic location, the hotel addressed at Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 28, Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar City, Bali, also offers various conveniences, so that staying at The Cakra Hotel is not only pleasant in the heart, but also fits in the pocket. “This time, we offer Food & Beverages promotions with Indonesian flavors to provide treats that will pamper the appetite of hotel guests,” said Marketing Executive, Ni Luh Anggrenia Wati, not long ago.

The Food & Beverages promotions are offered to in-house and walk-in guests who come just to eat. The Food & Beverages promotion with the taste of the archipelago is the creations of the Arjuna Bistro team. That’s because Arjuna Bistro comes with various promotions offered starting from Flash Sale & Happy Hour promotion from 12:00—16:00 Local time, IDR 99K Promo along with Picnic Packages. “No need to worry, this promotion will not reach deeply your pocket. One of the best-selling menus in the flash sale promotion is betutu chicken at a price of IDR 52K, where you can already enjoy processed chicken and complete stuffing, of course with a strong Indonesian taste,” she said.

Luh Anggrenia Wati further emphasized that Arjuna Bistro invites culinary lovers to come and try every dish served. The matter of taste is definitely guaranteed because it applies quality ingredients. Of course, every creation made can also spoil the guests. “All the promotions offered are very suitable for today’s teenagers because as we know today’s teenagers really like practical and affordable food. Come on, come immediately and enjoy the food promotions offered by Arjuna Bistro,” she invited. (BTN/015)

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