Art Music Festival 2021, The Haven Suites Bali Berawa Collaborates with Balinese Flute Craft

Art Music Festival 2021, The Haven Suites Bali Berawa Collaborates with Balinese Flute Craft

The Haven Suite Bali Berawa collaborated with one of the local composers, a Balinese flute craftsman from Gianyar named Adi Wiranata Putra. This collaboration is an effort to preserve the existing culture through the AM festival or Art Music Festival held throughout the PHM Hotels. “This AM Festival is an activity of PHM Hotels which holds an annual event called Octobart,” said Marketing Communication Executive, Bella Ayu Virdani, on Thursday (Dec 9).

The current situation does not dampen the enthusiasm of all hotel units to hold virtual events, such as AM Indie Music, AM Art Exhibition, AM Fun Talk Live IG Session and AM Virtual Painting Workshop. Culture is a tradition carried out from generation to generation and is an important aspect of people’s life in Indonesia, especially Bali. “The Island of Bali is famous for its artistic culture such as dances, language, music and statues carved in details and have their own characteristics,” said Bella.

The Haven Suite Bali Berawa collaborated with Adi Wiranata Putra as a way of supporting the creation of young people and local businesses as well as providing a brief experience on how to make Balinese flutes in general. The activity was made into a video and published virtually through The Haven Suite Bali Berawa Instagram account to be shared with all Instagram followers and social media account users.

The virtual event is aimed to raise the artistic value of Balinese musical instruments, one of which is the flute. This flute can not only be used for Balinese art events, but can also be used for music concerts, such as an acoustic flute made by the hands of this Balinese craftsman. “This video is expected to be able to establish the spirit of young people to stay creative and love local products and not leave the existing culture,” she hoped.

The hotel also participates in and supports other activities by participating in Live Talks on Instagram in collaboration with Orchid Forestra and virtual painting in direct collaboration with Bartega Studio. Besides, it is supported by many attractive prizes having been prepared during the AM–Art Music festival. “One of them is in the form of a stay voucher at The Haven Suite Bali Berawa for 2 days 1 night for the winners who have participated in one of these activities,” concluded Bella. (BTN/015)

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