Audited for CHSE Implementation, Fontana Hotel Bali Reaches Scores 100 Percent

Audited for CHSE Implementation, Fontana Hotel Bali Reaches Scores 100 Percent

Obedient and disciplined in carrying out the new era Bali life order (New Normal) and implementing strict health protocols, Fontana Hotel Bali, a PHM Collection, is now awarded a Certificate of Clean, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE). Fontana Hotel Bali and Suma Spa have been declared clean, healthy, safe and to have a sustainable environment, so the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has set a score of 100 percent. “We are very grateful. We appreciate what we did during the pandemic to maintain the safety and comfort of guests,” said General Manager I Wayan Karta on Wednesday (Nov. 25).

This CHSE certification is related to the guidelines for handling the Covid-19 for New Normal tourism standard. The audit was carried out directly by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy which appointed PT. Superintending Company of Indonesia (Sucofindo) on October 10, 2020. The Sucofindo team inspected the hotel to align the requirements with regard to the new Covid-19 procedures and standards. “We have implemented all the requirements for the assessment at hotel. Because of being confident with safety and comfort, Fontana Hotel Bali has never been closed during this pandemic,” explained this man calmly.

The auditor team checked the state of the hotel according to the data attached to the facts in the field in details. These facts, in essence, covered the main areas, namely products, services, management and the environment. After that, Fontana Hotel Bali achieved a final score of 100 percent on the CHSE certificate. The certificate was given directly by the assessor team of PT Sucofindo to hotel management. “This certificate makes us more confident in providing services for our guests. Previously, we also received a CHSE certificate from the Bali Tourism Office. It means the hotel is ready to accept the “new normal” conditions with the Covid-19 standard procedure,” said Karta happily.

The accommodation located in the Kuta tourism area, precisely at Jalan Dewi Sri No.68 Kuta, Badung District, has implemented health protocols since the government called for peace with Covid-19. Moreover, Fontana Hotel Bali always operates even though Bali is hit by the Covid-19 outbreak. “We have provided hand washing stations in strategic places, such as in several garden areas, lobbies, entrance of cafés, and restaurants. Similarly, we maintain cleanliness by spraying disinfectant in every room having been used and the seats after use to create a sense of security,” he added. (BTN/015)

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