Baby Hyena Named Mooi, a New Resident of Taman Bali Safari

Baby Hyena Named Mooi, a New Resident of Taman Bali Safari

The hyena baby named Mooi is funny and attention grabbing. It was born for the first time at Bali Safari Park. Mooi was born to a mother named Manama on Thursday (Oct. 8) as a result of its marriage with a male named Rifa. The hyena baby was born healthy with an initial weight of 860 grams.

“The name Mooi was given by artist Jessica Iskandar last Sunday (Nov. 8). It is said that Mooi is taken from the Dutch language meaning ‘beautiful,’” said Assistant Curator of Bali Safari Park, Nyoman Suartawan, on Wednesday (Nov. 18).

Bali Safari Park has owned 4 striped hyenas since a year ago. The hyena consists of 2 females named Manama and Adiiya, and 2 males named Hamad and Riffa. These animals have always been an idol for visitors. Bali Safari Park, part of the Taman Safari Indonesia Group, is the first conservation organization in Bali to have this unique animal from Africa. “Hopefully, this Mooi is always healthy. It is the most important thing. Doctors and nurses always take care of Mooi to stay healthy,” added this calm man.

Yohana Kusumaningtyas, Bali Safari’s senior veterinarian, stated that Mooi is now being treated intensively by a team of doctors. After 6 days of birth, the milk of its mother, Manama, is not sufficient for Mooi’s needs. Therefore, as substitute, Baby Mooi receives formula milk every 4 hours.

After 2 weeks since its birth, Baby Mooi’s eyes were already open. A week later, its teeth began to grow and it had learned to walk. It was only after it turned 1 month old, the baby Mooi was introduced to complementary foods with milk.

General Manager, Thomas Colbert, stated that Mooi’s birth is a matter of pride for Bali Safari Park. Its birth is the result of the hard work of all parties in Bali Safari Park, including the keepers who consistently apply the principles of good animal management. “The joy cannot be described in words. As a conservation organization, we have succeeded in breeding this unique animal for the first time in Bali or maybe even in Indonesia, moreover during the current Covid-19 pandemic conditions,” he said happily.

All visitors are invited to see this cute baby Hyena. For safety and comfort, it does not need to worry about it. The Bali Safari team applies very strict health protocols. The entire area is cleaned with disinfectant. Before entering, all visitors must wear a mask and wash hands in the lobby area as well as in other strategic places. Each guest is required to follow a temperature check, and then hand sanitizer and maintain a distance. “We carry out strict health protocols,” said Thomas.

The success of hyena breeding can be realized due to the support from all walks of life. Support is not only in the form of donations of #kitacintasatwa (#weloveanimals), but also by visiting #timetosafarike Bali Safari Park. “Hopefully, Mooi will stay healthy and continue to grow well, so that it can meet the visitors of the Bali Safari Park soon,” hoped Daniel Thian, Head of Digital Marketing for Taman Safari Indonesia Group. (BTN/015)

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