Bali Agung Welcomes Bali Safari Visitors

Bali Agung Welcomes Bali Safari Visitors

Attractive, great and still charming are the look of the players that make performance with strong acting as well as agile and meaningful dance movement. The existing properties are very supportive to the story raised. That’s what impressed the Bali Agung Show that returns to make performance on the stage of Bali Safari Marine Park after a two-year delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The joy of the dancers radiated gratitude after having no performance for a long time on that magnificent stage.  “We are very happy that this performance can be staged again,” said Artistic Director of Bali Agung Show, Made Sidia, on Sunday (May 1).

The performing arts show that raises and explores the acculturation of Balinese-Chinese culture has been carried out since Saturday (Apr 30). In that performance, the storyline is developed by presenting stories of dancers facing a pandemic over the past two years. It includes dividing the existing dancers, but the meaning and beauty of the composition is still of high quality. “Previously the number of dancers reached 180 people, but at this time the performance only involves 50 personnel. We anticipate with careful preparation and a little adjustment due to the number of personnel,” he explained.

Visits of tourists who started arriving to Bali, including the Bali Safari, made the dancers able to work again. During the performance after the pandemic, the audience is still amazed by the art performances involving male and female dancers. “We feel grateful that Bali Agung has started to be staged again. Hopefully, tourist visits will continue to flow to Bali Safari, and Bali Agung can perform according to schedule,” he hoped.

Bali Agung Show is a modern theater that tells the love story of the iconic Balinese Jaya Pangus and Kang Cing Wie. This story contains messages of acculturation of Balinese and Chinese culture which comes from the Kintamani area. This story is a blend of Chinese and Balinese cultures, and until now Balinese people still know the item perforated coins. “I hope that in the future the show can run full of personnel, like before the pandemic,” he added.

In the meantime, General Manager of Bali Agung Show, Marcel Driesen, admitted that he is very enthusiastic in staging the colossal production. Although the dancers who were supposed to perform were not yet complete, the lack of personnel did not affect the quality of their performance. “Even with incomplete dancers, we are able to perform the Bali Agung Show this time according to demand. There is almost no change, both in terms of the story, lighting, message and performance, but there is only a change in the number of personnel,” he explained.

The man from the Netherlands predicted that Bali tourism will grow better in July and August. On that account, in the near future the Bali Agung Show will be opened 2 to 3 times a week, namely on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “With the increasing number of visitors coming back, we plan to open every day in June or July as ever before,” he concluded. (BTN/014)

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