Bali Timbungan Launches New Menu. Want to Try?

Bali Timbungan Launches New Menu. Want to Try?

Bali Timbungan is always creative in taking care of its customers. This restaurant always features a new menu that adds to the existing menu list. It happens because it continuously explore and innovate, especially in the culinary field of Bali. Just now, Bali Timbungan, one of the pioneers of Balinese specialties, has managed to add approximately 14 new dishes to its menu. “The addition of this new menu cannot be separated from the support of loyal customers of Bali Timbungan,” said Sales & Marketing Manager, Ira Kusumadewi, on Friday (Aug 26).

Bali Timbungan, which still maintains its brand existence as a restaurant serving Balinese dishes, is now adding two variants of Balinese cuisine to its Balinese food menu, namely Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk which is famous for its spicy and savory taste, and Ayam Goreng Cocol Gilimanuk (fried chicken) which is famous for its spicy taste. “In addition to focusing on the selection of local spices, the entire team involved in the process of preparing these new spices also focuses on raising the history or background of each menu, so that the authenticity of the taste of the food does not experience significant changes,” said this beautiful woman.

Other than launching Balinese food, Bali Timbungan also serves a number of new seafood menu variants, namely Palalah Fish Head Soup with a refreshing spicy sensation, and Jimbaran-style Grilled Fish which is famous for its sweet-spicy and savory grilled fish recipe. Other menu variants that are no less tempting are Gecok Kambing a la Gianyar with soft goat meat, Goat Satay, Mushroom Satay, Nasi Goreng Nak Cenik or fried rice for baby that will be very suitable for the baby, Grilled Beef Ribs with BBQ spices blended by chef Bali Timbungan, and Lawar Bali as one of the legendary Balinese dishes.

As tourist visits to Bali improve, Bali Timbungan also added two other types of menus, namely Nasi Goreng Lecek and Bedugul Sweet Cassava as dessert dishes. Nasi Goreng Lecek is a dish that has a professional look with a unique essence, where later on customers will be served with fried rice covered in aluminum foil, and then grilled to provide a unique and attractive eating experience. “In the future, Bali Timbungan will continuously hold various innovations in the culinary world to boost the economy and introduce Balinese culture to the wider community, not only domestically, but also internationally,” she concluded. Bali Timbungan was formerly Bebek Timbungan which was renamed in 2022. The menu is then more diverse and features dishes taken out from all over the island of Bali. (BTN/015)

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