Balinese Arts, Culture, Customs and Hinduism as Bali Tourism Taksu

Balinese Arts, Culture, Customs and Hinduism as Bali Tourism Taksu

Bali tourism workers and players should never be allergic to Balinese cultural activities. Whether being realized or not, Bali tourism and Balinese culture are closely related. If looking at the history of Bali tourism, it happened because of the art, culture and Hinduism in Bali. In terms of nature, there are many more beautiful places outside Bali. “The arts, customs and culture of Bali are bound together as a taksu or divine vibration. That’s what other countries do not have. Now, this is the real attraction of Bali tourism,” said the Chairman of the Bali Villa Association (BVA), Putu Gede Hendrawan, not long ago.

If the Balinese art, culture, customs and Hinduism are eroded, then Bali tourism will also get eroded because Bali tourism does not see luxury hotels, magnificent villas and others. If only being realized, outside Bali there are many more luxurious and more comfortable accommodations, but they come to Bali not to look for them. They come to Bali because of wishing to know Balinese art and culture. They come and watch the kecak and barong dance. “I have been in Ubud for a long time and seen many tourists studying traditional healing. They entered the temple to pray. Now, this is what they want to feel and look for which is very different from other places,” he said.

Besides, tourists can also witness unique cremation activities, listen to the sound of gamelan music played with high creativity and of various types. These are the real attractions of tourists to Bali. “Well, from here I contemplated, that we must preserve the cultural arts and customs because they support the tourism sector. If they do not exist, then no one will come to Bali because what are they looking for in Bali then?” asked the man who is also Chairman of the Kandapat Foundation of Sedang Village, Badung.

Therefore, Jro Hendra as he is familiarly called invited that as tourism workers we must at least know Balinese culture, even if we are not the perpetrator. By that way, we will be able to provide correct information for guests. Tourists come because of the uniqueness owned by Bali, so they must ask. “Well, it must be explained in detail, so that there is no misinformation. All of them have a philosophy, meaning and significance. If they are not answered correctly, what will happen to Balinese culture-based tourism? Thus, it is better for tourism players to learn at least know Balinese culture, so they can provide the right information,” he said.

If necessary, the policy holder who gives a label to make someone a tourism player must provide knowledge of Balinese culture first before providing information for their guests. Before officially getting predicate as a tour guide or tourism worker, for instance, people must know Balinese culture itself. “At least, there is an institution giving eligibility in order to be a tour guide. Their presence is to provide information, so they must first understand the information to be given,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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