Balinese Language Month as Forum for Youth Creativity

Balinese Language Month as Forum for Youth Creativity

The competition of Balinese poetry musicalization in a series with the Balinese Language Month IV took place at the Ksiraarnawa Building, Bali Art Center, Denpasar, on Thursday (Feb 10). Almost all the participants looked creative and stunning. They are not only good at composing Balinese poetry, but also good at presenting through the art of music. Poetry and music are not embedded in the performing arts, but become an interesting art presentation. The atmosphere followed the content and theme of the poem, namely about the preservation of water sources that should be protected and preserved in accordance with the theme of Balinese Language Month VI, namely “Danu Kerthi: Gitaning Toya Ening.”

The Seketika Group performing the Ulun Danu poetry as an obligatory poetry interpreted the serenity of nature like the Ulun Danu which is calm, cool and happy. Meanwhile, the free poetry featured the Blabar Momo poetry which describes the flash flood, and the cacophony of disaster. “We present poetry arrangements accompanied by the sound of gurgling water, using coconut shells. Meanwhile, the Blabar Momo poetry featured various musical instruments, where one of which is a music of wooden split drum as a sign of danger,” said Nina and Nando from the Seketika Group.

According to them, the Balinese Language Month event is a forum for the creativity of the younger generation, so that their group can appear in the event. Moreover, the activities directly involve young people, so they can learn to express Balinese language through the art which has become a hobby. Musicalization of poetry is an artistic activity that can educate the brain. There are arrangements and sportsmanship to improve the arts in Bali,” said Nina and Nando in unison.

The Blabar Theater of SMAN 4 Denpasar High School also performed mandatory poetry entitled Ulun Danu and Mandanu City as free poetry. This theater group depicted Ulun Danu as an image of worshiping God’s grace and the Mandanu City as a way of being grateful for various water sources that are able to give life. This group performed the arrangement of the poetry according to the meaning of the poetry. “We used two guitars, musical instruments for the sound of the water and cajon to support the atmosphere. Similarly, we arrange vocals like giving voice one and two. We also regulates the hamming to refine and fill in the blanks,” said Adel, Coordinator of the Blabar Theater.

Meanwhile, Polsinity (Polnas Music Community) from the Tanjung Bungkak National Polytechnic, Denpasar, performed two poetries, namely the Ulun Danu as a mandatory poem and Titiang Dani as a free poetry. Titiang Dani was composed and arranged by Polsinity itself. The message to be conveyed through the two poetries is to invite everyone to protect existing water sources. “Many of the lakes in Bali have been polluted, even three out of four lakes have been polluted, so they need to be protected and cared for. Through these poetries, we invite everyone to protect the lake as a water source,” said Sang Nyoman Bagus Satyawira, a Polsinity representative.

Through the art presentation, he wanted all Balinese people to fix and keep the lakes clean. Therefore, the musical instruments used are two guitars and a cajon. Meanwhile, the vocals became dominant, thus raising the vocals by involving four supporters, consisting of three women and a man. “We are satisfied to be able to perform today. Whatever the outcome, we are certainly very happy to be able to participate. Balinese Language Month is suitable for young people. We are very grateful to the Culture Service for providing a platform and opportunity, so that we as young people can show off our creativity in Balinese literature and script,” he said.

The Division Head of the History and Documentation at the Bali Culture Services, Anak Agung Ngurah Bagawinata, stated that the musical competition at the Balinese Language Month IV event was attended by 14 participants because two participants were unable to attend. Although the competition was followed by the general public, the participants came from various circles. There were also participants from elementary school age level.

“This competition has no age limit. However, during this pandemic, all participants and those present are required to apply a fairly strict health protocol. All participants must vaccinate and require them to scan PeduliLindungi application before entering the competition venue. Seating is also arranged, so that there is a distance between the participants and the officers in attendance,” he said.

Each group performed a maximum of 30 minutes starting from stage preparation to their performance. Original arrangement is preferred. In this Balinese poetry musicalization contest, three judges were presented namely academician I Komang Darmayuda, writer I Made Suarsa, and practitioner I Ketut Mandala Putra. There are five criteria in the competition, namely originality of the arrangement, appreciation of poetry in songs, quality of vocals, harmonization of poetry with music, and wholeness of appearance. (BTN/015)

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