Balinese Set Menu, Preferred Choice of Guests at SenS Hotel & Spa Ubud

Balinese Set Menu, Preferred Choice of Guests at SenS Hotel & Spa Ubud

If you are traveling in the tourist area of ​​Ubud, do not be confused looking for a delicious and romantic venue to eat. Just come to Yonne Café and Bar located at SenS Hotel & Spa Ubud, precisely at Jalan Sukma Kesuma No. 1, Banjar Tebesaya, Ubud, Gianyar. This venue to eat and drink offers various types of menus, but what you need to try is the Balinese menu. “In addition to cuisine from their home country, trying Balinese food gives foreign tourists an interest when making a visit to Bali,” said Food and Beverage Manager of Yonne Café and Bar, Agus Juniartha, on Monday (Jul 25).

Foreign tourists are used to trying local cuisines where they are traveling. This makes it not uncommon for hotels or restaurants to provide a selection of Balinese typical cuisine menus. “We provide Balinese Set Menu and Ubud Mixed Rice for a choice of Balinese dishes. These have become one of the best-selling menus in its place. Especially for foreign guests, this menu is an option because they want to try what Balinese cuisine looks like,” said Agus Juniartha.

Similar opinion was also revealed by Chef I Ketut Permana that in order to be enjoyed by foreign tourists, the menu choice is adjusted to their appetite, but does not eliminate the taste being characteristic of Balinese cuisine. In its preparation, the dish uses base genep (a special seasoning), but the taste is still neutral, so anyone can enjoy it. Especially for the Balinese Set Menu, it consists of rice, lawar, duck with Balinese sambal matah or raw condiment, chicken twisted satay, coconut milk sauce with Balinese spices, shredded chicken with sambal matah, eggs, shrimp and crackers. “We make it according to the taste of Balinese cuisine, such as lawar, sambal matah and fried duck which are indeed Balinese specialties,” said this man calmly.

One attractive thing about this menu is the combination of duck with Balinese sambal matah. The taste and texture are definitely different. Not all can combine the duck and sambal matah like this. In addition, the duck served is so tender as well. Before being served to guests, the duck will be cooked like betutu before being fried. “Indeed, the Ubud Mixed Rice menu is almost the same, but the one here is quite different. We complement it with fried duck, and add sweet tempeh,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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