Banyuwedang Hotspring, Spiritual Tourism Object in Buleleng

Banyuwedang Hotspring, Spiritual Tourism Object in Buleleng

Tourists cannot only enjoy the peaceful natural panorama of the village, but also have a bath in this hot spring believed to be able to cure some diseases, especially skin aches. The location is very strategic and close to some tourist attractions, among others; Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park, Gili Putih Sumberkima, Pokmasta white sand (White Sandy Beach) as well as close to classy hotels and homestays.

Banyuwedang hot spring is indeed different from other similar tourist attraction. This one has natural hot springs, even classified as the hottest and cleanest hot spring in Bali. Its location is close to the Mangrove forest area in North Bali, so this tourist area is very beautiful and exudes peaceful atmosphere. In the beautiful mangrove forest area, there are also some wild and cute monkeys. “If having good luck, tourists can also see wild Bali starlings in this area,” said the Operations Manager, Komang Sudiasa Artawan, on Monday (Dec. 7).

Aside from bathing in the natural hot spring, tourists making a visit to Banyuwedang hot spring having been operated since November 2017, often make the opportunity to hold spiritual tourism as well. It happens because the residents visiting the attraction are also praying and doing purificatory rite or melukat. Tourists can also enjoy cool atmosphere of the mangrove forest. “Having said prayers, the Balinese carrying out pilgrimage will open their lunch box containing rice or rice bag. Understandably, those who make a visit are Balinese Hindus from all regions in Bali, so they linger for a long time while enjoying the atmosphere of this natural tourist attraction,” he said.

It has various facilities such as swimming pools for adults and children, gazebo, hot and cold water showers, toilets, lockers, changing rooms and a restaurant with local prices. To get there, now you do not have to bother asking people, just click the Banyuwedang hot spring in the Google Map, so it’s easier to find the location of this hot spring. When Bali was hit by the Covid-19 outbreak, the Banyuwedang hot spring area was closed for four months. “We did not operate because we followed government instructions to help prevent Covid-19 transmission,” added Artawan.

After the government opened domestic tourism with the New Era Bali life order (new normal), Banyuwedang hot spring has also returned to its operations since July 2020. When opening, all areas follow the health protocol in accordance with the standards instructed by the Buleleng Tourism Office such as cleaning the area using disinfectant, setting up a hand washing station and then requiring every visitor including employees to wash their hands before entering the tourist attraction.

“We have also prepared a hand sanitizer to create a clean atmosphere. Similarly, we always check the body temperature of visitors using a thermo gun. Then, we also arrange for a queue at the ticket booth and the lobby, so that there is no chance of gathering,” he explained.

Even though it has been opened, the number of tourist visits has not been significant. The minimal number of visits greatly affected the income of tourist attraction as capital for maintenance. “We are experiencing great losses during this pandemic. Other than having no income, we also have to maintain the tourist attraction as well as the survival of the employees. Of course, the level of visits is very different from before the Covid-19, where the current visit averagely reaches 50-100 people per day. They are mostly local people. Meanwhile, there are only 1 or 2 domestic guests, or sometime none at all,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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