BBQ Sultan Bali Now Present in Denpasar City

BBQ Sultan Bali Now Present in Denpasar City

For foodies, especially those who are fanatical about the BBQ menus of the Sultan Bali, just come to Sudirman Corner, to the left of the intersection of Jalan Sudirman, Denpasar. Since the Vesak Day, namely on Wednesday (May 22), the BBQ Sultan Bali, which is a branch made by Lopodo Cafe & Catering Canggu, has opened its first outlet in Denpasar City. “With the BBQ Sultan Bali in Sudirman Corner, it also indirectly supports culinary development in Denpasar and Bali in general,” said President Director of Premier Hospitality Asia Group, Caroline Sandriany, on the sidelines of the opening of the BBQ Sultan Bali.

The menus of BBQ Sultan Bali emphasizing premium and quality ingredients offers five-star dishes at street prices. “In this pandemic situation, Premier Hospitality Asia Group which manages 18 villas and hotels as well as Lopodo Cafe Canggu aspires to continuously strive for works that can be useful for many people. With the addition of this new outlet, there will also be more job opportunities and help move the principles of the people’s economy during this pandemic,” said Caroline Sandriany.

Currently, the BBQ Sultan Bali is present at the Sudirman Corner of Denpasar, but in the future it is hoped to be opened throughout the archipelago. Thus, it brings pride to the Balinese people. “During this soft opening, we also provide promotions for people who want to try the uniqueness of the BBQ Sultan Bali,” she said.

The opening of the BBQ Sultan Bali was marked with a ribbon cutting by Chief of IX/Udayana Military Regional Health Office, I Made Mardika, Commander of 1611/Badung Military District, I Made Alit Yudana, Gunawan Rahardjo (Commissioner of Premier Hospitality Asia Group) and Caroline Sandriany (President Director of Premier Hospitality Asia Group). The opening of the BBQ Sultan Bali was enlivened with entertainment in the form of dances and acoustic music. (BTN/015)

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