Beach Cleaning on Berawa Beach, “Let’s Keep Our Beach Clean”

Beach Cleaning on Berawa Beach, “Let’s Keep Our Beach Clean”

Just like combat troops, the staff and employees of The Haven Suites Bali Berawa collaborated with Elevate Fitness Escapes and supported by FRii Bali Echo Beach together with the local community to clean up the garbage scattered on Berawa Beach, Tibubeneng Village, North Kuta Subdistrict, Badung, not long ago. They were very aware and cared about the cleanliness of the environment, so they organized a clean-up event on Berawa Beach to keep the beaches in Bali clean from garbage.

Recently, Bali has been experiencing heavy rains which have caused flooding in several areas. Floods carried garbage that eroded and then scattered on the beach, and Berawa Beach was no exception. The beachfront area has a lot of marine debris which resulted in an unsightly view. “On that account, cleanliness is immediately carried out because Berawa Beach is a beach visited by many tourists,” said General Manager of The Haven Suites Bali Berawa, Gede Bimbi Sanjaya, on the sidelines of the activity.

There were at least 50 participants who took part in the activity. Tourists who were staying at hotels in the Berawa area also took part. The event started with a joint prayer and then continued with a briefing filled with the division of the cleaning area. After that, the participants scattered on the beach area to clean up. “We are also committed to always maintaining the cleanliness of the beach, and we do hope that we can consistently organize beach cleaning events and be supported by all levels of society to always maintain cleanliness,” he said.

Indeed, there seemed to be a lot of marine debris scattered around the beach area and the most visible is plastic waste and large driftwood. All participants immediately took action to clean up the beach with extraordinary enthusiasm. “We from the staff of The Haven Suites Bali Berawa, Elevate Fitness Escapes, FRii Bali Echo Beach and Eka Dharma Castra Youth Club of Banjar Kulibul Kangin hope that by holding this activity, cleanliness the the Bali Beach area can always be cleaned and well maintained because the beach is one of the most beautiful destinations favored by tourists,” hoped Bimbi. (BTN/015)

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