Beach Cleanup Action in Buffalo Race Region

Beach Cleanup Action in Buffalo Race Region

Beach cleanup action is not only an agenda for tourism players in South Bali, but also a routine activity for members of the Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of Jembrana Chapter. Just have a look at the environmental action entitled the Jembrana Cleanup Day (JCD) on Friday (Jan. 22), it did activities on Medewi Beach. The activity was attended by I Nengah Tamba, the elected Regent of Jembrana for the period of 2021-2024 along with the Jembrana Tourism Office, Environment Agency, Chief of Subdistrict Police, Commander of District Military Region, associations, educational institutions, JKJ Jembrana volunteers and the community.

Secretary of the PHRI Jembrana, Made Ayu Dwi, stated that the enthusiasm of tourism stakeholders to create a clean and beautiful beach in tourism area is indeed high, so that JCD can be held regularly. This has also received great support from government agencies, entrepreneurs, NGOs and the community. “Mr. I Nengah Tamba, the elected Regent will always support the JCD activity. We hope this beach cleanup activity in Jembrana District will be our collective responsibility and it is our commitment to carrying out this JCD every month,” she hoped.

Even though amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the PHRI Jembrana is committed to carrying out JCD activities every month. However, it must still pay attention to and comply with the Covid-19 health protocols. “Condition of the earth and the environment is getting worse. Human activities are the biggest cause of environmental damage. Illegal logging, river pollution and accumulated plastic waste are some of the things that contribute to environmental damage. Environmental damage is increasing due to the lack of human concern for the environment,” she said.

This lack of care is often accompanied by the assumption that rescuing the environment must be done with big and spectacular activities. Actually with simple things, everyone can participate in rescuing the environment like the JCD activity which is routinely carried out every month. “JCD is a social activity based on concern for nature and a desire to educate people in order to have awareness in protecting the environment, especially from plastic waste. We’d like to remind that this social activity also aims to promote beautiful coastal areas in West Bali,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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