Bebek Timbungan Now Renamed into Bali Timbungan

Bebek Timbungan Now Renamed into Bali Timbungan

Are you a Bebek Timbungan customer? Please be noted that Bebek Timbungan is now rebranded into Bali Timbungan. This name change follows the opening of a new restaurant at Sarinah, Jakarta on March 29, 2022. “Bali Timbungan is an ancient Balinese culinary tradition that is almost extinct because the cooking process is almost 7 hours to 12 hours on low heat, so it has a very distinctive taste,” said Director of Operations for Secret Garden Village, Anton Thedy, on Tuesday (Mar 29).

According to Anton Thedy, Bali Timbungan in the capital city of Indonesia is the third branch as a form of commitment to developing business outside Bali. This can be seen from the success of the Bali Timbungan restaurant on Sunset Road Kuta and at Secret Garden Bedugul, Bali, which is followed by efforts to innovate and provide the best service for domestic or foreign community by maintaining traditional tastes. “The menu turned out to be liked by tourists because it does not smell rancid and the process takes a long time, so it becomes a favorite menu,” he added.

Bali Timbungan offers a wide selection of meat dishes ranging from duck, chicken to seafood. Timbungan comes from culinary culture from centuries ago in the era of the Balinese kingdom. It is written in ancient manuscripts on palm leaves named “Dharma Caruban” which means food cooked using bamboo for 12 hours over low heat. A very long cooking process by mixing various Bumbu Genep or complete seasoning creates a fragrant and tender meat into a royal delicacy or served during ritual ceremonies.

In recent years, Bali Timbungan is committed to continuously preserving Balinese traditions and serving this special meal to the public. “Bali Timbungan represents a tradition of Balinese culinary experience for our society today that has existed for centuries. We have confidence that we must preserve Indonesian cultural heritage, and our way is through the traditions of Balinese cuisine,” he explained.

Bali Timbungan is a signature menu for two restaurants, namely at Secret Garden Village Luwus established in 2016 and at Sunset Road established in 2018, and it was rebranded into Bali Timbungan, so the name Bali appears. “In the past, people visiting Bali just knew crispy duck and crispy fried duck as the signature menus. However, after 2016 those looking for new things finally found the Bebek Timbungan which is a local wisdom,” he added.

Bali Timbungan is a menu of all walks of life because children, teenagers and adults, both local people, domestic and foreign tourists really like it because the meat is soft, not spicy, and the dish is also interesting. “In the past, before the pandemic, the Bebek Timbungan was ordered by tourists from China because there is something authentic.”

Moreover, there are three types of condiment to be chosen by the guests. During this pandemic, every day there are orders from the majority of local people and outside the region, such as Makassar, East Java, Medan and other cities.

The Bali timbungan at Secret Garden Village, precisely on Jalan Raya Denpasar Bedugul km 36, Mekarsari Village, Baturiti, Tabanan, offers a very attractive and beautiful view so that the enjoyment of the menu will increase. Likewise, the architecture is very eco-friendly. Even though the name is Bebek Timbungan (which is made from duck), it also serves timbungan made of chicken and fish with the same taste. “Currently, we are making a package of rice mixed with duck timbungan for local people which can be ordered online,” said Anton. (BTN/015)

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