Blimbingsari Tourism Village, another Face of Bali in Jembrana

Blimbingsari Tourism Village, another Face of Bali in Jembrana

If you are bored with the urban atmosphere, stay for a while at Blimbingsari Village with a cool, calm and peaceful atmosphere. The people live in harmony with their daily activities. Moreover, its location is very strategic, still bordering the West Bali National Park, known as a village with a majority of Christian population. This village is located in Melaya subdistrict, Jembrana, Bali, spreading across the area of ​​4.43 square kilometers with a population of 1,061 people (Data of Jembrana Government of December 2017).

When entering Blimbingsari Tourism village, the atmosphere feels different. The visitors are greeted by a magnificent gate standing right at the entrance to the village of Blimbingsari. The nuances of Balinese culture are quite prominent. At this village, there are two magnificent church buildings, namely at Banjar Blimbingsari with the name PNIEL Church and Immanuel Church at Ambyarsari. The building is not like in general, applying a typical European style church architecture.

The church at Blimbingsari tourism village was built with Balinese ornaments that resembles a temple with carvings depicting the history on the establishment of Blimbingsari tourism village. That is why the local population before 1970 called it the “Church Temple.”

“The church at this village is known as one of the most unique churches in the world, according to the President of the WCC (World Church Council) during a visit to Blimbingsari village on November 11, 2011,” said the Head of the Jembrana Tourism and Culture Office, Kadek Mirah Ananta Sukma Dewi, on Wednesday (Apr 28).

Religious tolerance is very strong at this Blimbingsari tourism village. Even during Christmas celebrations or other Christian celebrations, the entire village community is enthusiastic about putting up decorations in the form of Balinese jejaitan. Since the people of Blimbingsari were born and raised in Bali and come from various regions in Bali, it is obligatory to preserve Balinese culture in daily life, including in religious activities. When Christians at Blimbingsari village hold church services on the first week of each month, they wear traditional Balinese clothes, completed with kamben or sarong, headdress, kebaya and others. The priests who lead the services also preach in Balinese.

Like other tourism villages, Blimbingsari tourism village also has a distinctive beauty of Balinese countryside that is very well preserved. The village atmosphere is very neat, beautiful, green, and clean. Each homestay has a simple garden in its yard. The gardens on the side of the road are neatly arranged, so they are very beautiful to the eyes. Moreover, people cannot see the garbage scattered at this village where the entire population adheres to the Christian religion.

Guests aspiring to visit Blimbingsari tourism village are invited to visit the church, tour around the village to see the activities of the residents, have trekking around the forest in the national park area, and do activities at the Nyiur Melambai waterpark. “Especially for the live in program of international schools, students stay at the homestay for 3-4 nights and carry out various activities both with the homestay owner’s family and activities arranged by the committee. Its food will be prepared by a group of local housewives. (BTN/015)

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