Brahma Arama Buddhist Temple, a Spiritual Tourism in North Bali

Brahma Arama Buddhist Temple, a Spiritual Tourism in North Bali

Brahma Arama Buddhist Temple, located at Banjar Tegeha Village, Banjar, Buleleng, , is not only a place of worship for Buddhists, but also a tourist destination for local people, or people from outside the region and overseas. If we look at its function, this Buddhist temple may not be much different from the others. However, from the type of building, architecture and other decorations, this temple looks unique and attractive.

In addition, the location offers a very panoramic view, located at the top of a hill, so tourists can see the beautiful coastal scenery in the northern part of the temple. The surrounding area is also rich in tropical plants, so being in this holy place you will feel tranquil and peaceful. The aura felt is very positive as well. Approximately it is situated 18 kilometers in the west of Singaraja town.

Brahma Arana Buddhist Temple is known as the Buddhist Temple of Banjar. This temple is the largest one in Buleleng, even on the Island of the Gods. People should not enter the temple area carelessly. In order to be able to enter, there are several conditions that must be complied with. One of them is not allowed to wear short skirts above the knees. If tourists do not wear immodest clothes, the temple guard will tell them. “The temple guard will provide them with appropriate clothing, and can be lent to visitors to enter the temple,” said Buleleng Tourism Office staff, Ida Bagus Rai Suastika.

This spiritual tourist attraction is very unique. Though it is a place of Buddhist worship, the Brahma Arama Buddhist Temple of Buleleng does not leave any distinctive Balinese architectural features. In the area is also built a mini Borobudur temple which is often used as the object of photos by visitors. “Young people often use it for taking selfies. The selfie photo here is very beautiful because it has an amazing background,” said the man who is on duty every day at the location.

Its design is also very attractive, so that apart from being a place of worship, it is also a tourist attraction always visited by tourists. So they can worship while having a promenade or better known as spiritual tourism. This Buddhist temple is relatively old, built by Bante Girri Rakhito Mahatera. Located in the highlands, its natural environment remains very beautiful, cool, quiet and calm.

If we look at very far away, we will see the view of Lovina Beach with the blue sea water. People belonging to spirituality lovers often take advantage of the location of the Brahma Arama Buddhist Temple as a place of meditation, especially for those who want to find a place to stay away from the city crowd. “People who come here say that the location of this temple is very quiet and calm, so it is very comfortable to do activities that require concentration,” added Ida Bagus Rai Suastika. (BTN/015)

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