Buleleng Tourism Office Promotes Its Objects This Way

Buleleng Tourism Office Promotes Its Objects This Way

Almost all tourist objects in Buleleng District have their own charms, they are wonderful and very interesting.  Tourists or local residents visiting the attractions are never bored. So don’t be surprised if they can visit the attractions more than once.Similarly, they can attract the Jegeg-Bagus (beauty pageant) Bali management to carry out video shooting for the jingle of Jegeg-Bagus Bali 2021. “Tourist attractions in Buleleng are no less fascinating,” said Head of the Jegeg Bagus Buleleng, Toni Mahendra.

The shooting activity carried out by the Jegeg-Bagus Bali team supported by the Buleleng Tourism Office took place on Saturday (Feb. 6). At that time, video clips were taken at three different tourist locations, namely at the Beji Sangsit Temple, Sekumpul Waterfall and the Ex-Buleleng Harbor. Selection of the three tourist objects is not without reason. They have the concept of Nyegara-Gunung (Beach-Mountain) as the foundation to be taken in making the video.

The production team wants to show off that tourism in Buleleng is very diverse, from the mountains to the beaches. The making of the jingle is the first time carried out by the Jegeg-Bagus Bali. “It is meant that Jegeg-Bagus from each district in Bali has a medium (song) that can unite us. Choosing tourist attraction is also a way to introduce that Buleleng has a tourist attraction worth visiting,” he said.

Toni Mahendra further hoped that in the future his party, namely the Jegeg-Bagus Buleleng, will also make his own jingle. Certainly, it brings the Buleleng tourist destinations to be better known to more people. “We are sure that our jingle later on can inspire local people or tourists to visit the attractions in North Bali,” said the student of English Language Teaching at Ganesha University of Education amid the shooting colored by drizzles. (BTN/015)

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