• Take a Selfie at Puncak Mawar

    Take a Selfie at Puncak Mawar0

    Do not hesitate to travel to Jembrana District. This West Bali tourism area is very rich in tourist attractions as an option to visit while on vacation. All tourist attractions are very interesting to visit, both natural and artificial ones. Surely they will make visitors happy. For instance, the Puncak Mawar (Rose Peak) is most

  • Ubud Monkey Forest Already Opened

    Ubud Monkey Forest Already Opened0

    The Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary has been reopened for domestic and foreign tourist visits starting on Saturday (Sep 11). The community welcomed it by visiting the monkey forest sanctuary that relies on the monkey’s cuteness with their family. However, there is something different from the previous atmosphere, where visitors start by checking the temperature and

  • Tanah Lot Attraction Has Opened, Visitors Must Obey Health Protocol

    Tanah Lot Attraction Has Opened, Visitors Must Obey Health Protocol0

    After the Governor of Bali gave a trial for the opening of natural, cultural, artificial, spiritual, tourist attractions and tourism villages with a maximum visitor capacity of 50 percent, Tanah Lot tourist attraction immediately welcomed its visitors. The tourist attraction with a blend of nature and culture as well as sunset panoramas as the main

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