Cattamaran Beach Club Waits for You

Cattamaran Beach Club Waits for You

Cattamaran Beach Club is finally opened. This hangout place located on Melasti Beach, the most beautiful white sandy beach in Southern Bali, is a very beautiful so the presence of Cattamaran Bali is quickly becoming the most sought after beach club in Bali.

Other than offering an exotic view, the area is also spacious with a capacity of more than 500 seats in various seating styles. The first floor offers Hammock and Sofa seating style, with 180 degree views of Melasti Beach. The first floor is filled with a lounge bar to assist guests with a wide selection of cocktails, mocktails and premium bottle service.

If you want to move to the west side of the ground floor, you will find three different seating options, namely the Plantation area, Sand Day Bed, and Lagoon. Seating with a variety of choices can ensure all guests are in a comfortable position. Similarly, there is an infinity-lagoon-style terraced swimming pool that makes the experience of swimming at the Beach Club extraordinary. The ground floor is also filled with Live Cooking, where guests can see firsthand the food making process. On the west side of the ground floor, there is a lagoon-style swimming pool, overlooking the beautiful white sandy beach making the experience even more extraordinary.

While on the east side of the ground floor, Cattamaran Bali offers a more beautiful Beach Club experience. There is a beautiful infinity-Lagoon-style terraced swimming pool as well as the best glass infinity pool with Jacuzzi. The first floating poker and beer pong are available that will elevate your Beach Club activities to the top. “The east side of the ground floor offers a great seating experience, not only The Lagoon and Sand Day Bed, but there are two more seating options, more luxurious and private for guests wishing a more exclusive beach club experience,” said Marketing – Branding and Business Development Manager, Gratika Ekawati, on the sidelines of the opening, not long ago.

The venue is named Cabana that can be occupied by 12 people in one area. And the best of the best is our VIP Area providing 2 floors experience. “Starting from the first floor VIP rooms, we are equipped with sofas, private showers and toilets. For a more amazing party experience, our VIP rooms are installed with a special sound system. Our VIP guests can choose their own music of choice, separate from our main sound system.”

Cattamaran Beach Club offers a different experience, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of South Bali from a height with a helicopter. Starting from flying around the Garuda Statue and ending with visiting the sacred Uluwatu Temple. “Be prepared to be mesmerized by both tourist destinations, the panoramic view of the white sandy beach, blue sea, coral reefs, high cliff and end up in front of the Cattamaran Beach Club. It is to complete the phenomenal experience of tourists,” she said.

Cattamaran Beach Club offers Artisan cuisine, Teppanyaki, Pizza and many more. The bartender makes a gorgeous selection of cocktails and mocktails. “We also provide a large selection of champagne, wine, spirits and premium liquors to be enjoyed at the Cattamaran Beach Club. Visiting a beach club is not enough if you do not have a great sunset experience. The purple-orange sky starts to appear every day to improve everyone’s mood,” she said.

Cattamaran Beach Club is equipped with a first class DJ experience, a special DJ booth under our iconic Goddess Statue, the DJs can be everyone’s sight to enhance everyone’s Beach Club experience. Cattamaran Bali can also be booked for private events as well as meetings, and we provide first class assistance and make your private event one of the best event experiences you will ever have. (BTN/015)

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