Changes Drive Tapa Tepi Kali and Dedary Kriyamaha to New Direction

Changes Drive Tapa Tepi Kali and Dedary Kriyamaha to New Direction

The economic situation may have weakened due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the enthusiasm of tourism players remains high. In addition to maintaining health and increasing body immunity, it is also to foster activities so that creativity can be better. It is the spirit of the Tapa Tepi Kali by Pramana team and Dedary Kriyamaha–a Pramana Experience, in celebrating their birthday. Even though it is done modestly, it has a meaning to maintain a sense of togetherness and kinship.

Indeed, the anniversary moment of the Tapa Tepi Kali by Pramana and Dedary Kriyamaha—a Pramana Experience—is felt very different from the previous anniversary. All event arrangements must be adjusted to government regulations to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. “The Tapa Tepi Kali anniversary celebration falls on February 15 while that of Dedary Kriyamaha falls on February 17, so that we celebrate it modestly. Nevertheless, it does not reduce the sense of togetherness and kinship among the teams,” said CEO of Pramana Experience, I Nyoman SudirgaYusa, on Friday (Feb 19).

The third anniversary of Tapa Tepi Kali by Pramana was filled with a cake cutting event attended by the owner, CEO of Pramana Experience and the Tapa Tepi Kali by Pramana team. Meanwhile, the fifth anniversary of Dedary Kriyamaha—a Pramana Experience was filled with a rice cone-cutting event attended by Dedary Kriyamaha—a Pramana Experience team and CEO along with the COO of Pramana Experience. “This anniversary celebration is an encouragement for us who work in the tourism sector. Hopefully, the pandemic will pass soon and tourism will return to normal as ever before,” he affirmed.

Dirga who at that time represented the entire Pramana Experience board of directors expressed his gratitude for the solidarity and togetherness of the entire team in facing the current conditions. “Let us help one another and strengthen one another. Thank you to the business partners for giving extraordinary support and trust in the current condition,” he said excitedly.

Dirga believed that in the business world, we must always be ready for any turmoil or change. “Change will always drive us to something new, and is a place for us to keep growing. We must remain optimistic and think critically in finding opportunities for change. With the mission of Delivers Genuine Hospitality to the World, Pramana Experience is sure that the great support from various parties will realize the company’s goals and vision to be equal to the international chain hotels in the international arena,” he concluded encouragingly. (BTN/015)

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