Chicken Curry in Coconut Shell at The Deck & The Barrel

Chicken Curry in Coconut Shell at The Deck & The Barrel

Looking at coconuts is definitely synonymous with drinks, namely young coconut water which is refreshing to quench thirst. However, unlike the coconuts at The Deck & The Barrel, FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach Seminyak, seeing coconuts is actually filling. Inside the coconut shell, delicious chicken curry is served.

The Deck & The Barrel comes with a variety of processed menus, both Indonesian and Western food. You can enjoy a wide variety of food and drink options. What’s more, the bustling atmosphere of Double Six Beach will make dining atmosphere with your partner or family even more enjoyable.

In the context of the month of Ramadan, Chef Yoyok, Head Chef of FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach Seminyak, also made unique innovations being perfect for colleagues when breaking fast. Alternatively, there were menus during Eid that could not only be enjoyed by Muslims, but also non-Muslims presenting the taste of chicken leveling up chicken curry.

A dish of chicken curry with archipelagic-style spices were ready to be served in the Ramadhan euphoria, served in a coconut shell with a sizeable portion and then accompanied by a plate of rice and crackers as a complement to the meal, named “Chiciken Coconut Curry” that really made chicken curry level up.

When else can you enjoy chicken curry with Indonesian spices wrapped in hotel facilities and a warm atmosphere in front of the beach. The package includes one glass of iced tea at a very fantastic price. Uniquely, it is a delicious and economical meals with 4-star hotel standards at The Deck & The Barrel Restaurant, FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach Seminyak. (BTN/015)

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