Cleanup on Berawa Beach, Atlas Beach Fest Involves Dozens of Employees

Cleanup on Berawa Beach, Atlas Beach Fest Involves Dozens of Employees

Passion and working together were showed by dozens of employees of Atlas Beach Fest Canggu on Berawa Beach, Tuesday (Apr 18). They cleaned up the coastal litter having stranded last rainy season, starting from picking up plastic waste to organic waste in the form of twigs and wood. “We want to create a clean beach environment, so that visitors can feel safe,” said General Manager of Beverage of Atlas Beach Fest, Viknesh Nadarajah.

This biggest beach club in Bali offers a beautiful beach panorama, so that the coastal litter stranded from the middle of the sea is cleaned up, so that it can make the atmosphere more comfortable. “Condition of this coastal litter certainly cannot be left alone. We have to clean it in order to provide a sense of comfort for beachgoers. We routinely carry out this cleaning action every two weeks. Besides, we often join the Berawa Beach Tourism Awareness Group when doing clean-ups,” added this energetic man accompanied by Marcom of Atlas Beach Fest, Alyssa.

The clean-up activity involved 56 employees representing all departments. In addition to cleaning the beach from coastal litter, such an activity was to create a beautiful beach atmosphere. Moreover, Berawa Beach is a favorite location for tourists to enjoy sunset. “In addition to cleaning the beach from coastal litter, it is also for anticipate that marine animals will not eat this coastal litter,” he said convincingly.

The total coastal litter collected amounted to five large bags estimated to reach 25 kg of plastic waste. Meanwhile for organic waste consisting of twigs and logs amount to quite large as well. “We have been carrying out activities like this routinely since the beginning of Atlas Beach Fest when starting the operation in 2022. We also plan to partner with communities concerned with the environment to jointly carry out waste clean-up activities,” he said. (BTN/015)

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