Come on, Enjoy Magibung at Bali Timbungan

Come on, Enjoy Magibung at Bali Timbungan

If you are on vacation in Bali, try tasting various menus with unique and interesting Megibung traditions. Megibung is a tradition of eating together in one container originating from Karangasem, eastern Bali. The uniqueness of this way of eating is full of togetherness values and strengthening friendships so that they get to know each other by exchanging opinions, stories and discussing while eating meals with relatives. The megibung tradition was carried out by the previous King of Karangasem in 1692 AD, when he sat down to eat with his soldiers at a celebration.

Balinese people are still maintaining and preserving this tradition. Megibung, which is known as the nobility-style way of eating, is also offered at Bali Timbungan (formerly, Bebek Timbungan) located on Jalan Sunset Road Kuta and at Secret Garden Village Bedugul. Meanwhile, the newest branch is at Sarinah Mall, Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Central Jakarta. This special and meaningful dish is very popular among Bali Timbungan customers. “Guests prefer this megibung menu, in addition to other menus,” said Sales & Marketing Manager, Ira Kusumadewi, on Wednesday (Apr 27).

The Megibung menu is served on a Balinese pedestal bowl with a banana leaf base and young coconut leaf ornament. This appetizing menu consists of Duck Timbungan, Blue Maru Grilled Chicken, Fish Twisted Satay, Under Guava Tree Satay, Peanut Seasoned Shellfish, Flour-coated Fried Shrimp, Flour-coated Fried Squid, Corn Fritter, Seafood Soup, Fern Tip Urap Salad, Long Beans Kalasan and Shrimp Crackers. This special meal can be enjoyed by three friends. “This menu is not only delicious and unique, but also provide a new experience when traveling in Bali,” she said happily.

Currently, continued Ira Kusumadewi, the public can enjoy the Megibung menu at a special price that can only be obtained at Bali Timbungan Sunset Road Kuta during Ramadan 2022. Additional free takjil food will be given and a glass of hot or cold tea to break the fasting. Therefore, after opening a branch in Jakarta, this authentic Balinese dish is very well received by residents in Jakarta. “Well, are you curious? To reserve a seat, just send a message via WhatsApp at 0811 3800 3222,” concluded Ira Kusumadewi. (BTN/015)

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