Come on… Play Basketball on Kuta Beach

Come on… Play Basketball on Kuta Beach

The Discovery Mall Amphitheater is the most ideal sunset destination at this time. The area of Kartika Plaza, Kuta, does not only offer sunset views, but also provides beachfront sports activities that are open to the public. The basketball court measuring 3×3 is the only one on the lips of Kuta Beach and is a tourist destination attracting the attention of domestic and international tourists. “Bali tourism has revived after the Covid-19 pandemic, so that we have prepared the field,” said Public Relations at Discovery Mall, Kanya Paramitha, Sunday (May 8).

The presence of the field was greeted with the Bali League competition participated by more than 80 Bali regional teams in December 2021. Meanwhile, the 3×3 International Champions Cup match was held by the Asian Basketball League in April 2022. The league was participated by amateur and professional basketball teams from the Bali region to international teams such as Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, and other teams. “Excitement of the international match made the prestige of the 3×3 field belonging to Discovery Mall Bali in the spotlight of basketball fans from various countries,” he said happily.

Right now, tourists come to visit the field and have the opportunity to practice and compete openly. It’s possible because the area is open to the public from 07:00 to 20:00 every day. “Responding to the crowds of visitors to the Amphitheater and the 3×3 field in front of the beach, Discovery Mall also presents a typical Indonesian culinary center named Balebale Food Hall. We open this culinary center on May 12, 2022, by serving a wide selection of Indonesian specialties at affordable prices,” said Kanya in a promotion.

Discovery Mall loyal tourists and visitors are really spoiled for choice of cuisine with a distinctive taste, and you do not have to travel far to taste these favorite foods and drinks. As an icon of tourist destinations since 17 years ago, Discovery Mall Bali is the only mall that is right in front of the beach by presenting various shopping options, family activities, and spots, as well as enjoying the sunset. “Discovery Mall is ready to interpret the revival of Bali tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic with a variety of delightful and leading activities,” concluded this woman kindly. (BTN/015)

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