Come on Spend Holidays to Tanah Lot!

Come on Spend Holidays to Tanah Lot!

“The Christmas holidays and weekends are indeed taken advantage by some people to have a vacation in Tanah Lot,” said Operations Manager of Tanah Lot, Toya Adnyana, on Tuesday (Dec. 29).

The visit was dominated by domestic tourists wishing to relax in their favorite destination located at Beraban Village, Kediri, Tabanan. There were also some foreign tourists enjoying sunset view, when the sun set in the blue sea. “Sunset attraction is indeed a favorite for tourists visiting Tanah Lot. There are also those seeing snake attractions in the local cave, holy water place and just sitting around the park. However, most visitors take advantage of beautiful selfie spots on location,” he said.

To provide a sense of security for tourists during the Covid-19 pandemic, the management has strictly implemented health protocols in accordance with government directives. Moreover, the object has obtained a Certificate of Verification of the New Era of Life (New Normal), so that it can create a sense of security and comfort when traveling. “We always urge every visitor to Tanah Lot to continuously implement health protocols while on location. It starts from wearing a mask, maintaining distance and washing hands in designated places,” he said.

Tanah Lot has provided 15 units of portable sink for washing hands. Its existence is scattered, including at the ticket gate, ticket checkpoint, office, parking lot, gate to the beach, office area of the beach public relations, the Tanah Lot wantilan hall area, the Enjung Galuh area to the temple property parking area. “Visitors, staff, traders and people who want to go to Tanah Lot object must wash their hands with soap and running water,” said the man from Beraban village.

In the current uncertain weather situation, the management of Tanah Lot attraction has also warned visitors to be aware of sudden changes in weather from hot to rainy season. “Other than the implementation of health protocols, we also anticipate high tide for the safety and comfort of visitors,” added Toya Adnyana. In order to enjoy the atmosphere at the Tanah Lot attraction, visitors are charged an entrance ticket worth IDR 15,000 for domestic child and IDR 20,000 for adult. Meanwhile, for foreigners, they are charged IDR 30,000 for child and IDR 60,000 for adult. (BTN/015)

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