Commitment of SereS Springs Resort to Protecting Environment

Commitment of SereS Springs Resort to Protecting Environment

SereS Springs Resort & Spa Singakerta is committed to maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the surrounding environment. On that account, on September 30, SereS Springs Resort & Spa held a Clean-up Day and collected single-use plastics that can pollute the environment. “We carried out this activity referring to the circular from the Bali Provincial Government and the Bali Hotels Association (BHA) which urges all its members to carry out a Clean-up Day,” said Director of Operations and General Manager, I Nyoman Prabawa, on Monday (Oct 10).

At that time, continued Prabawa, SereS Springs Resort & Spa Singakerta involved all levels of management and staff. Incidentally, the activity also took place throughout Bali on the same day and was an important measure for the community to strengthen their commitment to the cleanliness of the Island of Bali. “We managed to collect as much as 48.5 kg of plastic from a variety of different materials. The most common items we collect are single-use plastics such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws and plastic of snack wraps,” he explained.

The Clean-up Day activity aims to help reduce waste from roads, public spaces and rivers. At that time, Seres Springs Resort & Spa did not just celebrate Clean-up Day, but had become part of a joint commitment with the management of SereS Springs in helping to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic waste on the Island of Bali. “We hope this activity can encourage the community at large to do their part in protecting the environment with passion by reducing their dependence on plastic use,” he hoped.

Prabawa further added that the Bali Clean-up Day is an opportunity to strengthen the resort’s commitment to Tri Hita Karana, the Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy that maintains a harmonious balance between humanity (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan), and God Almighty (Parhyangan). “In terms of environmental sustainability, SereS Springs has implemented a green concept in energy-saving campaigns such as one of which is that the air conditioner in hotel rooms will automatically turn off every time the balcony door is opened,” he explained.

The Waste Management System has been implemented by providing separate waste compartments to separate types of waste such as plastic, organic, paper, used cooking oil including hazardous and toxic materials. SereS Springs works with vendors to manage waste and in its Waste Treatment Plan and Laundry Waste Treatment Plan, SereS Springs uses wastewater to maintain landscapes and parks. “SereS Springs also conducts periodic laboratory checks to monitor the quality of its wastewater,” concluded Prabawa. (BTN/015)

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