Coriander Fried Rice, a New Menu of The Haven Suites Bali Berawa

Coriander Fried Rice, a New Menu of The Haven Suites Bali Berawa

If you would like to experience a different taste of fried rice, stop by at Ketumbar Bistro & Bar, a venue to eat and drink at The Haven Suites Bali Berawa. The chef at the accommodation offering a sea view creatively released a food menu currently themed with Fried Rice. “We have adapted this Fried Rice to the appetite of the local, domestic and international communities, so that it can be tasted by various circles,” said Marketing Communication Executive, Bella Ayu Virdani, on Tuesday (Jun 15).

Previously, the fried rice owned by Ketumbar Bistro & Bar was only the Kampong Fried Rice, containing shrimp, chicken satay as well as prawn crackers. “Now, we present two new variations of the fried rice, namely Seafood Fried Rice and Vegetarian Fried Rice. The Seafood Fried Rice we provide is very unique with its seafood as being complemented with eggs, shrimp and crunchy prawn crackers,” said this friendly girl.

As for the Vegetarian Fried Rice, it is equipped with tofu, tempeh and eggs as well as melinjo crackers. “We offer a price that does not deplete the pocket. With only IDR 60,000++, visitors can already enjoy the deliciousness of this Coriander Fried Rice,” she said while promoting.

In addition to food, drinks with a variety of choices will also complement the menu at Ketumbar Bistro & Bar. “So what are you waiting for? Come on, we invite family and friends to enjoy the deliciousness of fried rice with some variants at five-starred hotel with strategic location and natural views that immediately adds to the coolness of the eyes,” she concluded happily. (BTN/015)

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