Cultural Events at Sangeh Monkey Forest

Cultural Events at Sangeh Monkey Forest

The operator of Sangeh Monkey Forest tourist attraction is designing a promotional event to draw more tourist visits. The event, which will be designed as a cultural activity, is packaged through activities to feed the monkeys, the inhabitants of the nutmeg forest in the tourist attraction. “We will hold a monkey feeding event. The name will be adjusted according to the event because it will be programmed to become an annual event,” said Operations Manager of Sangeh Monkey Forest, Made Mohon, not long ago.

The idea came up, explained Made Mohon, during the Nyepi celebration of Caka 1944 falling on March 3, 2022, when the Sangeh community made ogoh-ogoh (papiér mâché demon) using ingredients from fruits, and then it was wined at the Sangeh tourist attraction. After the ceremony, the fruits will be then given to the monkeys, amounting to about 700 heads. The fruit ogoh-ogoh are made as a substitute for the ogoh-ogoh in the form of Bhutakala which is usually paraded during Pengrupukan, the day before Nyepi to make bhutakala happy. “Because it is still during the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an appeal from the government not to parade the ogoh-ogoh, so that his party makes the fruit ogoh-ogoh,” explained Mohon.

As for the implementation schedule, it is likely to coincide with Tumpek Kandang Day, the animal ritual. However, it will be held once a year. The ogoh-ogoh will be arranged in accordance with the theme to be raised. The ingredients will be purchased from local community gardens, so that it has an impact on the farmers at Sangeh Village. “Right now, it’s only for making videos in the context of a tourism village competition and used as a moment to respond to the community in future events,” he explained. (BTN/015)

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