De Classe in Canggu: The Finest and Authentic Italian Tastes in Bali

De Classe in Canggu: The Finest and Authentic Italian Tastes in Bali

Cantina Classe is an Italian restaurant located in Canggu serving authentic and
delicious Italian cuisine. Located in the popular tourist area of Canggu, where the sunny and warm
tropical atmosphere of Bali meets Italian cuisine for a totally perfect combination.

Thursday, 30 March 2023, Cantina Classe held a media gathering with more than 40 participants.
The event was attended by media, KOL, and food bloggers to taste the pleasures of Italian cuisine at
Cantina Classe which has a unique restaurant building resembling an old pizza oven. With the theme
De Classe in Canggu, this event aims to introduce Cantina Classe’s authentic Italian cuisine. Cantina
Classe also uses high-quality raw materials and is 100% homemade.

Liquid Pizza, one of Cantina Classe’s signature cocktails, was served to kick off the evening in a
colorful way. The main components of this cocktail are tomato fruit extract, homemade syrup, and
salt and pepper as an appetizer.

To liven up the events, the participants participated in a cooking session where they made individual
pizzas. The participants seem to be excited about this activity. There is a smile on their face and the
participant can also choose their own pizza toppings. Another attraction comes from the mixologist
which is showing how liquid pizza is made. A hands-on cocktail-making activity is also kind of exciting
for participants.

Other than that, there is Chef Gede, the head chef at Cantina Classe. He is presenting on how to
make the main course, pizza and pasta. After a variety of interactive activities, participants tasted
pizza and pasta for dinner. In the end, desserts like creme brulee and tiramisu are delicious with
wine from Hatten Wines Bali.

Cantina Classe is a must-see in Canggu for anyone looking for authentic Italian cuisine and a homey
atmosphere. Cantina Classe offers the right combination of Italian style with a wide range of Italian
classics made with high-quality ingredients in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a place to have a romantic dinner or a place to indulge yourself with delicious
Italian food and good drinks, Cantina Classe will exceed all your expectations. Come and try it
yourself! (BTN/r/bud)

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