De Umah Bali, Unique Accommodation at Undisan Village

De Umah Bali, Unique Accommodation at Undisan Village

Do you want to stay in a village with urban facilities? Come on, come to De Umah Bali, a cool accommodation located at Undisan Kaja hamlet, Undisan, Tembuku, Bangli. When staying here, you will not only feel calm and peaceful, but also comfortable and safe because it has complete facilities with international hotel standards. The staff and employees apply health protocols with the facilities in accordance government standards. Therefore, De Umah Bali has obtained a certificate of Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE).

Undisan is a news destination, a hub where tourists can stay and continue their visit anywhere. This is because the location is very strategic and supported by good infrastructure, so that staying in De Umah Bali will never be boring. The distance is about 30 minutes to Kintamani, about 20 minutes to Besakih Temple, about 15 minutes to Penglipuran Village, and about 1.5 hours from Ngurah Rai Airport by car. “In the past, tourists who traveled to Nusa Penida often stayed at De Umah Bali because the mileage is fast,” said the Owner I Putu Winastra.

This 3-star plus hotel is indeed superior and applies a different concept, namely the eco concept using eco-friendly buildings. The materials are dominated by wood and bamboo and the roof is made of reeds. This is also supported by the use of eco-friendly (organic) equipment, so that the accommodation in the village looks natural and healthy because there is no plastic. “This product is our advantage, and in the future it will be sought after by foreign tourists,” he said happily.

As an Eco Tradi Home, De Umah Bali offers accommodation with restaurant facilities, free parking, an outdoor swimming pool and a shared lounge, as well as a sun terrace. “During this pandemic, we offer special prices intended for local communities. We open a swimming activity with a special rate at IDR 25,000 including meal. The room rate is only around IDR 300,000 to IDR 400,000. We want them to be happy because our goal is to have a human aura in our resort,” he hoped.

Winastra who is also Deputy Chairman of the Promotion Division of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of Bangli Chapter admitted that before the pandemic, there were more European tourists who liked to stay at the hotel, especially from France. They are happy with the concept of eco nature. Currently, more domestic tourists come to stay. They are happy with the beautiful rice field environment. “Today, the occupancy is still zero or empty. This condition has been going on for more than a year. Before the pandemic, room occupancy rate ranged from 30-40 percent,” he explained. (BTN/015)

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